Sunday, April 03, 2005

Time to Dye

As usual, there's a backstory to this little comment.

See that picture up at the top of the screen? That doesn't look like me anymore. That was taken right after I'd lost like 25 lbs. I've since gained them back. ~Takes a moment to glare at her pharmacy of meds on her desk~ Additionally, I whacked off my hair about two months ago.

10". That's a lot of hair.

My hair grows SUPER fast, and to have a short, "normal mommy" kind of haircut, I'd have to literally go in every 4 weeks to maintain it. So for the last 10 years or so, I'd get my hair cut short (over my ears) and by the same time the next year, it would be down tomy bra-strap again. When I started to regain the weight, I decided I was hiding behind my hair. Besides being super fast growing, it's very fine. BUT there's a ton of it. You should have seen me in the 90s! Man, my tons of fine hair would use AquaNet to its highest possibilities. So, anyway, I wanted change. I whack off 10" and decided to put "red" chunks in it.

I have very dark chocolate hair. So my natural "hightlight" would be on the reddish side. I wanted that trendy "chunky" look. I decided to do it myself. My husband decided to help me. So instead of chunkying it (Yes, that's a word now) he blended and blended and blended it in. So I had some chunks and a LOT of blending. Ugh. AND, now none of my clothes looked right because my "colors" had changed. I hated it. I waited a week, and went and bought my natural color in a bottle: dark ash brown. It covered almost all the red until the sun was especially bright. That's been about six weeks ago. And, if you read my blog yesterday, you know I just got it re-cut, two inches shorter than LAST time because it grows so fast. And I got a new bottle of dye: dark brown. This should take care of ALL the red...FINALLY!

Other than that, I'm attempting to get my KOD duties under control. Thank goodness for Misty and Christine! I think I'll be okay after I get a month of it under my belt. I'm a fast learner. I know this because I don't drool or wear a helmet in a car.

And I'm back on eBay, attempting to replace the black sausage dress with something new for the KOD banquet. And I need to do laundry. (Can you even imagine laundry for six, two of which are toddlers?! Only one person can whine to me about laundry, and that's Allison Brennen, who has FIVE kids.) Writers really aren't right-minded, I'm sure of it.

My hips are starting to do better. Thought I was going to crash and fall at the store last night. I'm still drunk from my drug-cocktail last night & it's time for my morning dose now (yeah, okay, so it's really almost time for the afternoon one, but in my world, we're still calling it 'morning'.) Unless something striking happens, this will be my post for the day. I bid you all a fabulous Sunday.


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