Monday, April 25, 2005

Craft, Cold & Cranky

One would think that to write a story, all they need is an idea and a computer, and yanno, a printer and stuff. Basic understanding of the English language would help, assuming you're writing it in English. So you have this idea, but guess what?

You know nothing!!!

So I'm in the process of collecting books on the craft of writing. I have now Stephen King's ON WRITING (I love that man) which I haven't read yet (currently reading Julie Kenner's Undercover Lovers (have I mentioned how much she rocks?) and so King will be next. I've been asking around to those that I admire in the writing world what they would recommend as craft books to invest in.

With everything else (see my post called "DEFINITIONS AND NICE TIDY BOXES) no one agrees on the "Must haves" on the craft of writing. Which is fine, since none of us write the same anyway. So I listen and compile lists based on who I see mentioned the most. Ane recommended STORY by McKee. I'd never heard of it, and supposedly it's hard to find (I have my eye on it right now and just waiting for the auction to end). Jennifer Crusie recommended it to Ane, and then Ane passed that knowledge to me. As Fate would have it, Julie Kenner referred to his work this last weekend, so that adds another creditials in the McKee camp.

I'm also getting The Pen Commandments and Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, as well as Writer's Journey and Writing the Breakout Novel. I figure I'm a fast learner, and these are the titles that show up again and again as suggestions. I'd like to find one on archetypes to add as well. If you have any suggestions, post away.

Now, personal update (I know you're dying to know this crap, huh?) I went cold turkey cutting out my meds this last week. Oh. My. God. I've had a migraine for two days now. Needless to say, I started them up again today. I return to my rheumo on Tuesday, and I'm going to heavily suggest (no pun intended...well, okay maybe a LITTLE BIT intended) that he aid me in the need for weight loss. In other words, write a 'script out, baby. This sucks. I hate it, and it's incredibly counter-productive on my joint issue! (DUH!) I wish I was eligible for bypass, but I'm about 40 lbs too light for that. Figures, eh?

On a more personal than that kind of personal, here's an interesting tidbit of gossip that happened between me and B this weekend. I was up early on Saturday to go to Austin for the synopsis class, right? Well, B says "You know, we're almost even now."

I said: "What are you talking about?"

Now, here's the backstory: Every summer since we moved back to Texas, I take the four heathens to my parents the first part of summer for a weeklong Vacation Bible School at their church. Thus, B is alone for a week. No kids. Then, the last two years, he's gone to NY alone for Thanksgiving. Last year was a week, then this time (2004) was for 10 days. AND, last year when I was at Nationals, he had another week (the kids weren't here, they were with my parents.) I always tell him he owes ME personal time with no kids, no him, no nuttin'. And now, because of my little weekends (like to San Antonio for 1.5 days) and the once a month Tuesday night for my Austin meetings, and for Saturdays like yesterday, those count toward it. Whatever. WRONG. PLUS, you're just gonna love this. He says: Well, during the summer when you are all gone I still have to work.

I said: This is work, B. This is a class for what's esstentially my JOB.

"No it isn't."

Now I'm glaring, and mind you, I'm literally walking out the door to leave. I said, "Then when I sell a book, you won't get to touch a penny of the money, since it's not work and solely a hobby of MINE."

B: "You mean IF you get published."

~pausing a moment for that to sink in a bit for ya~

Can you even stand it? I was just...floored. I wanted to find a bat and bash in his skull. I wanted a pillowcase filled with broken doorknobs to beat the living hell out of him. Instead, I just walked out and went to my class.

Here's the problem: Men make a comment and the moment is over. He's not going to think about that little conversation again, not until I DO sell a book and remind him. Women, however, remember EVERYTHING, and I will never, EVER forget his lack of support in my "hobby" NOR his belief that I have not an ounce of talent that allowed him to let those vile, f-ed up words to spew from his mouth.

I will remind him. Daily.
And as I go on vacation, and leave him behind. After all, I'm owed some days still.


Nic said...

Tami Cowden: The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines - 16 Master Archetypes.

Hands down, just about the MOST recommended Archetype book mentioned that I have heard about from pub'd authors. :)

Nic said...

Ok, didn't read the rest of the thread b4 posting the above. OMG! I am a deadly aim. I'm not suggesting use of my firearms or throwing knives (yes I have both), but I'm sure I can be great with a tire iron. I can pull a Tonya Harding for you! :) A$$#ole. (I mean B, not you)

Olga said...

I'm sorry, Brenda. But we do believe in you, and the question is not "if" but "when" you get published, and something tells me it'll be pretty soon.