Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A brain teaser

You have 8 articles of clothing hung on hangers, then hung on the bedroom doorknob. Of the 8, 6 are his workclothes, 2 are her shirts. You (being the he) put your workshirts in the closet. Where do you put her two shirts?

~pause time while you think~

Did you answer "In the closet, too"?
Or..maybe, "I didn't know where they went so I hooked them on the top part of the dresser"?

If you answered the second one, you're a waste of oxygen and should immediately be eliminated for the good of the world, and before you reproduce. Oh wait. Too late. He's already reproduced. Let's hope that IDIOTIC gene is recessive in the children.

Am I making this up? Absolutely not.

This is one of the three things that have occurred just in the last thirty minutes.

I cannot WAIT for freakin' Reno.


Nic said...

Get ready to drink up doll. CHris and I will be there right beside you doing the chug-a-lug. Hey, what is the jackpot for nickle slots anyway? Probably a couple hundred dollars. Hey, it's a couple hundred more than someone came there with.

Sorry about the crap you're dealing with sugar. *hugs* *followed by a tequila shot or ten* said...

Actually, there are a couple of more answers. (Yes, I know I'm risking my life in posting this as a male member of the human species.) I would agree that the "top part of the dresser" was just asking for trouble. One could have been to leave what wasn't his there (unless he knew exactly where they go in the closet .. I mean, sheesh, why get yelled at for that?) or the most polite and thoughtful thing could have been to ask, "Do you want these hung up in the closet and, if so, where?" ... Actually, I'm more of the ilk of "you hang yours where you need for them to be and I'll take care of mine." (Off to put on my helmet ... lol)

Karyn Lyndon said...

I get the distinct impression that your husband does not read your blog...or maybe this is some wildly passive/aggresive behavior where he defends himself on his own blog, thus ensuring the knick-knacks are safe and no blood is shed.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

You were right the first time, Karyn. He doesn't read the blog. He doesn't read my writing at *all*. Ever. Not the books, nothing. I'm pretty sure he didn't even read my certificate from finaling in The Merritt. ~shrug~

Which is fine, so now I can occasionally vent here when the need arises. I still think the entire thing with the shirts is funny in a not so ha-ha kind of way.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes, it is nice to have a place to vent. My husband never read anything of mine either until I started reading it to him at bedtime (he goes to bed a couple of hours earlier than me). Somewhere along the way I started tucking him in. (Yes, that's tuck with a "t".) which included giving him water, a hug, a kiss and turning out the light. Now he also gets a bedtime story (scene of my WIP). I take GREAT pleasure in leaving him at a cliff hanger each I end up writing a real page

As far as the blog goes...I was sooooo thrilled the day he actually found it on his own and he made a comment on it. It was kind of like when Hellen Keller finally said "water."