Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cop a Squat

How revolting does that sound?! I LOVE it. So I was on mirc last night trying to find someone (D, I'm looking at YOU!) and this person, don't know if it's a guy or a girl, but with the name of Heaven, I'm bettin' on girl, said to some loser: Cop a squat and stay awhile.

I about choked on my Diet Coke. You have to love something that sounds just incredibly nasty but is honestly not a nasty thing. There's just something about that, yanno? So I snagged it. I told her/him/it that I'd use it in my book and she/he/it could see it one day when I got published.

It is NOT a lie! One day I will be. I just don't know *when*. I didn't share that little tidbit. It is NOT lying by omission. I couldn't give an exact date, because I don't HAVE one.

So, last night, my hips were hurting SO much. Finally, after 4 muscle relaxers and three Darvocets, I was able to sleep.

And sleep.

And sleep.

Took some of the kids to school this morning (the eldest stayed home - she slept like crap last night due to stress - want to find out, go read her blog, and while you're there, read her stuff because she's brillliant and I'm a bit worried she'll be pubbed before me!) Then I came home and crashed on the couch.

So much for that writing schedule, huh?

So let's think about this. When would Brenda write?

I wake up and check my email. I'm now on 41 loops. It's a lot of email. Yesterday, I devoted about an hour to work on KOD, but that's just once a month, so I don't think I can really count that in making me busy, huh? I own a message board, so I go and check that out, post a bit. Maybe an hour's worth? I think the one thing that really breaks into my time is B coming home for lunch. He gets here at 11:30 and leaves at 12:10. But something about it breaks my day in half.

Am I just making excuses?

I think I'll write at night, but by the time Syd Vicious gets down and I can sneak out of her room, it's already 9:30. And I'm still crocheting the afghans I sold to get my butt to Nationals. So okay...weekends. B and Shan are home to help with the toddlers to keep me from being interrupted. BUT, my computer is right here in the living room. So I'm distracted anyway. And, I'm usually doing some type of housework. And I KNOW I shouldn't type this out (looks warily at JBM) but I don't even get up until 11ish on the weekends anyway.

Oh I'm realllllllllllllllly good with excuses.

So okay. I can devote an hour or so in the morning to email and boards. That gives me three hours until B comes home for lunch. At that time, I could re-check the emails because there will be 34503487 new ones. But I can't ignore Cooper for three hours and have him stare at the tv the entire time. Right? Right. So, I'll do an hour of plotting in the mornings (plotting is new to me) and then after lunch, I'll do either more plotting or some type of writing, like a scene for the book. I'm so used to "writing in order" that writing scenes out of order will be new for me.

Once I do sit down and once I do write, the words and scenes come quickly to me. I'm lucky with that. But what happens is I become engrossed with the story. I'll look up, and it's like 2am. I think that's what I'm trying to avoid this time. Last time, I only worked on weekends, then as the book really started to develop, I was writing almost all the time, and the kids and B were really understanding about it. But I can't do that all the time or they'll end up resenting what I do.

Maybe I should just wait and see what JBM comes up with. It's like with Liz in my book. I'm too close to her to see her for who she is. I see me there too often, and I don't have this unbiased opinion on what she SHOULD do because I carry the baggage of what's already been done. Maybe with fresh eyes, a fresh perspective, I can take whatever JBM comes up with and tweak it to perfection.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea!!! And it keeps me from having to worry about it until Monday. Man, I'm good.


d_evans said...

Are you really only giving us an HOUR a day?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Actually, Devon, I'm not sure I'm even there a full hour, but don't tell JBM!

d_evans said...

Who is JBM?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

My legal adviser. -grin-

Olga said...

Life keeps interefering with our writing. But we can't imagine our life without writing either (at least I can't now).

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Amen, Olga m'darlin'! I fought being a writer for years, and had the same "story" play repeatedly in my mind. It finally stopped, the moment I committed it to paper.

Imagine that.