Sunday, April 03, 2005

Time Change & Hell...err..Texas.

How could I EVEN forget about time change? I'm one of those that cannot STAND DST. Whomever created this should be stoned. Yeah, yeah, I understand the reasons why it was implemented, but can't that go by the wayside. Besides hating this my entire life (I could live in the dark forever, I think...must be the suspense writer in me) now, as an adult, it's even WORSE! How do you explain to a four year old that it's bedtime when it's still light outside at 9pm?! That's just W R O N G. And, being in Texas, that puts off the cooler evenings until it's too late to be out anyway.

Being April, we're plunging into summer already. There are no happy mediums here. There's cold, cool, hot and HELL. (Okay, Hell is really Arizona, but since Hell was copyrighted by like...God, then they settled on Arizona instead.) But Texas, although it does have changing seasons and it DOES get cold here (some people didn't realize that. That cracks me up to no end.) there's a very VERY short time span between turning on the heater and turning on the A/C. My average electric bill in the summer is $300. No, I'm not kidding. Would I kid about something like THAT? No way in...Hell. Wow, we came full circle yet again.

So to those of you that love Daylight Savings Time, I'm scowling at YOU! I think I need to move to like....Nebraska. When I met The Alicia (Rasley) in San Antonio, she'd just left Nebraska and said it was beautiful. That's where I want to be. With every ounce of my being, I want to be in Nebraska. Even if it IS daylight savings time.

And what's up with Arizona getting out of clock changing anyway? Is that the consolation price for agreeing to live in HELL? Probably.


Manic Mom said...

Brenda--hi from the chicklit loop! I hate DST too! And for those that say in the fall, we GAIN an hour, I know the person who coined that term WAS NOT A MOTHER, because there's no such thing as gaining or losing in the life of motherhood! Like your blog and will keep it on my fave list! Stephanie

Brenda Bradshaw said...

I agree. No SANE mother would say that. Wait.


It's an oxymoron.

craterdweller said...

Hawaii doesn't observe daylight savings either <-;