Friday, April 01, 2005

Okay, so I lied

Gina and Allison are going to flog me, and in a bad way at that.

I just posted that I don't need a synop for The Molly. (cough) That's not quite right. I got my contests mixed up. For The TARA contest, I don't need it and THAT one isn't entire the 4th. For The Molly, I DO need a synop. ~cringe~ Don't hurt me.

The good news? The deadline isn't until the 14th of May!! So I have plenty of time to create THE perfect synopsis! Aren't you two beyond excited at that prospect?! Contain the excitement, girls, you'll frighten the others. Now, as long as my usual self-defeating procrastination rears its ugly, decaying, rotten rubbish head, I should be fine as rain come May.

Oh Lord, at least I hope so.

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