Saturday, April 02, 2005

Lady in Red

My 2nd dress came today. It's absolutely lovely. A bit tight though. I swear, nothing is worse than losing weight then being put on meds that make you gain weight. But the biggest area of concern with my red dress is that the chest is too...tight. There's a shock, huh? The girl that described it said, "Or something very well-endowed". Ummm....I'm very, but it STILL smushes them up to my chin. That look really isn't in style right now.

And thus it begins. I'm determined to somehow lose the weight the meds made me gain. I'd asked my doc for Fastin to counter-effect the sluggishness and weight gain, and he said: "That's practically SPEED." I said: "Yes. And?" Apparently there's some time of liability issue. I'll call him again tomorrow and swear to sign away all possibility of lawsuit if he'll just help me. It's so stupid, really. I'm on meds because of joint issues, but the meds make me gain weight, thus putting more pressure on said joints. THERE'S logic.

So I'll beg him for something tomorrow. Plus I'll start my Leslie 2-mile VCR workout and hit the floor for some serious push-ups and sit-ups. I can already do sit-ups like a soldier...guess it's time to put it into action. And I'm going to see if B (that would be husband: Brian) will take my bike down. It's got one of those yellow cart thingies that attaches to the back so I can pull Cooper around. We'll see. My hips hurt just THINKING about it.

On a brighter note: Got my hair whacked again. It's short like I did two months ago, reshaped but then took another 2" off of it. Now I'm going to dye it again. (For those that don't know, I'd attempted home-based red chunks in my chocolate-colored dark brown hair. It didn't work. I redyed it my color and got most of the red out, but this one should do it completely.) LET'S HOPE SO!

The final plans for Reno are going into effect. I'm BEYOND excited. Be.Yond. I really need a break from life and there's nothing better in the entire world than RWA in Reno.


Courtney said...

I want to go to Reno SOOO bad for National's and I can't afford it! I'm so excited for you! You'll post all about afterwards, right? :)

Courtney (a Cherry!)
Cherry In The Rough <-- praying for buckets of money to come rolling in

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Of course I'll give tons of details. I've applied for the scholarships, and I really hope I get one. Otherwise, I may have to resort to a phone sex service or something, and with two toddlers screaming in the background, I'm not thinking success will come my way in that little venture.

I'm VERY excited about Nationals, as you can probably tell. Last year was simply priceless in what I learned. It was easier, since I'm only 2 hours south of Dallas (no air fare) and my parents live there (so no hotel expense or child care worries.) This year is a lot different, and will feel more like a vacation! I promise to even use the digital every chance I get!

Cherry Bobo