Monday, April 11, 2005

So it's not the best of pics...(sigh)

Here we are!!! Thanks to the fabulous and horribly talented writer, Emily McKay, I now have a picture of Chris and me at the Merritt taken after the award ceremony. There's evidence that I did get my grubby little hands on it at SOME point, even if I never do get to touch it again.

Pardon me, I have to take a moment and look longingly at my frame I was going to put it in.

Okay, better now.

Anyway, here we are. I look wicked bad. If you wonder why I'm so f-in' red, I have Rosecea. (Nice, huh, along with all of my other medical problems!) And there's the hair whacked off, and the 26 stupid pounds showing up. Ugh. Anyway, enjoy. I'll probably take this down VERY soon, as the picture depresses me in a million different ways.

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d_evans said...

I think it's a great picture! You look so happy. I wish you still had your award! That really stinks.

Manic Mom said...

Bren--It's a good picture! Don't beat yourself up! And you should be proud of your successes--you are an award-winning author!!! Whoooot whooooot! (That's Texas for "ALL RIGHT!/WAY TO GO!")

Linda Winfree said...

Brenda, it's a great pic -- you're very photogenic, which MOI is not. Congrats on the award!

Olga said...

Brenda, you do look wonderful on the picture! And once again, congratulations on your success!

Herbinator said...

Six pounds of weight equates to 1 inch of waistline. So what's four inches.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Thanks guys, you are the best!

Herb, darlin', you're male. And yet still you write "So what's four inches"?

Oh. My. God. Don't leave a comment like that...dangling out there like that!