Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh yeah, baby!

Well, as I've stated on the blog before, my meds just recently made me gain about 26 lbs. Yes, that's right. Twenty. Six. Not 30. Not 25.


And just in the last three months, at that.

Pardon me while I take a moment to grumble.

Okay, thanks, I'm better now.

To recap: I have fibro with bursitis complications. I take a medical cocktail daily of muscle relaxers, pain killers, and sedatives. Hard to be motivated when you live in a fog.

Two years ago, a friend sent me a Leslie Sansome Walking Away the Pounds VHS tape. Tonight, that booger got shoved into the VCR! That's right! I did two miles in 30 minutes! I'm sweatin' like a pig and omg, do my hips HURT, but dang it, they hurt all the time anyway. At least THIS pain is for a result!! AND I'm downing water like a gutter. I never drink water. Never. Yeah, really. Never. ONLY and ALWAYS Diet Coke (Just for the taste of it..goes well with chocolate frosted donuts.) So I'm hurting, and I'm sweating, and pardon me, but I'm so FREAKING PROUD OF MYSELF for finally DOING it, I want to scream it to the world.

Since the world couldn't hear me if I screamed (part of the neighborhood maybe, but not the world), I decided to declare my pride here! Tonight, I rock!



boabhan sith said...

I need to walk off a few pounds myself.

Way to go!

Amy said...

Congrats on the exercise! I need to follow suit an d get my butt (or my feet, actually) on the dreadmill. Next week. Yeah.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Thanks guys! Bad news: I hurt soooooooo much more than usual that I feel like a walking, crabby, CRAMPING muscle.

Herbinator said...

Hey BB. Your attitude is totally positive. Here are a couple of (similar) sites you might be interested in:

Now, me, I feel like an alien from space peeping you guys. Not comfortable. But blogs are public. I'm of a different bent. But I am learning a lot.

kaaau said...

WTG! You are doing a great job!

Do a little at a time and before you know it you will look and feel great!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Thanks, Crow! (For those wondering, Crow is kaaau, and from my message boards. We got to calling her Crow because "kaaaau" looks like something a crow would say. They talk, yanno!)

Hey Herb! Why do you feel like an alien? And is that alien as in illegal, or as in outterspace? Don't feel weird. Like you said, it's a public world. I'm always hitting "view next blog" at the top just to see what others are doing. I've read across some really good ones that I read everyday now. There's just something about the confessions of a NY Escort (link is on my blog so others can find it! LOL!)

Come back any ol' time :)