Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Butt-pucker moment! (That's copyrighted, btw)

So I'm on one of the 38 loops I'm on (No, I'm not kidding.) and reading about this weekend's conference (see post below if you don't know what I'm talking about) when it's mentioned that there's an editor with open appointments still.

And, being the incredibly assinine masochist that I am, I signed up for a slot to talk to one of the Harlequin editors. Oy.

This editor covers Superromances and American Romances, I believe. I don't write those. I write Single Title (which is as far removed as you can get from Harlequin, right?) LOL BUT, I have no problems revising my RS ST (romantic suspense single title) into an Intrique. Not only that, but I have considered targetting Harlequin's new HQN line, which IS single title (I realize this is really confusing if you're not a romance writer, sorry.) AND, the way Harlequin is set up, one editor can "acquire" for a line she does not represent. Make sense? So, this Superromance/American Romance editor could acquire my work to hand over to the Intrique/Intimate Moments/HQN editors.

Having finaled at the Merritt in the top three Romantic Suspense category, I thought I may as well give it a shot. If nothing else, it'll prepare me for any agent appointments at Nationals. I had two last year, and I was a WRECK! Which is really funny, because *I* am interviewing agents. Often, writers are a wreck thinking an agent is HIRING THEM. Wrong. The writer is hiring the agent. Without the writers, there ARE NO agents.

Whenever you get upset over agents, remember THAT little tidbit. Wish me double luck now:
1) That I score well (although I'm happy with 3rd place)
2) Something positive comes from the editor meeting.

Ya never know!


Amy said...

Hey, Brenda, I target Supers, and they don't mind some suspense in their books. So you might just present it as heavier on the romance than the suspense (if this is anywhere close to true lol) and let them take it from there. Best of luck with the meeting!

Olga said...

Hi, Brenda! Can't wait to see you in San Antonio! And I hope you win in Merritt, though to be top three is already awesome!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Thanks, Amy. That's the kind of info I need to hear. I'm about 50/50 on the romance vs. suspense, so I think I can pull that off. Maybe. LOL! Read the blog Monday and you'll find out how it went!

OLGA!! I cannot wait! I'm leaving here at 5pm on Friday and going to my CP's house to stay over in Austin. Then we're gettin' up around 6 and drivin' into SA. I can't wait to meet you, as well! I haven't had an "event" like this in six months, so I'm needin' a "conference fix"!

kaaau said...

Hey, you know I'm pulling for you. I know now that since this is not a "brand new thing" having been through it before and knowing more of what to expect, that you will go in there and be collected in your thoughts.
I look forward to hearing more of your progress and can't wait to see how the weekend goes.

Linda Winfree said...

Lots of luck, Brenda! Mental fingers crossed for you (I need the others since I'm actually WRITING something for a change).

Brenda Bradshaw said...

You're right, Crow. I did two agent interviews at Nationals last year, 20 minutes apart. I didn't GO to Nationals expecting (the agents had last minute openings) and I spent the night before writing out notes which I then READ. Soooo unlike me to be that insecure, because insecure and Brenda are like oil and vinegar: They simply don't mix.

NOW I know so much more. I know what I want in an agent, and in an editor. I know what I've written and what I plan to write (not the same, btw) and I don't have that horrible clueless feeling walking into it like last time.

I will, of course, give a FULL report when I return!!!

Linda...thank you! And what are you writing?