Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Dirty Secrets Club

Not everyone has a quote from Stephen King:
"The next suspense superstar."

By Meg Gardiner

An ongoing string of high-profile and very public muder-suicides has San Francisco even more rattled than a string of recent earthquates; A flamoyant fashion designer burns to death, clutching the body of his murdered lover. A superstar 49er jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. And most shocking of all, a U.S. attorney launches her BMW off a highway overpass, killing herself and three others.

Rest of the jacket, you'll have to read for yourself. And I highly suggest you do. Although I wish a couple of the characters were more fleshed-out, the book held me captivated to discover the secrets of these characters who would rather kill themselves then have their dirty little secrets revealed into the glaring, unforgiving light. A couple of them I thought, "Um, okay, not worth killing oneself over, but hey... whatever works."

Then I thought about my life (as one is prone to do when reading a fascinating novel about secrets, the irony of the timing in my own life almost laughable) and found myself desperately boring. I don't have huge secrets. And the few I have, they're definitely not the kind I'd rather kill myself over, much less murder another prior to suicide.

And you? Do you have those truly dark, beyond conscious-forgiving secrets which could absolutely ruin your life as you know it, resulting in not only affecting you, but your CORE BEING: your family, your children, your entire world imploding if others found out, so great and disgusting that suicide is the only way you'd ever find inner-peace?

Like I said... fascinating read.