Monday, April 18, 2005

If Mondays Were Tuesdays

do you think people would still hate them? I mean, it's not really the fact that's Monday, per se, but the fact that it's the day after the weekend, right? So if we had Mondays off (or, if YOU had, since I don't work), but then went back to work and school on Tuesday, would people say, "I hate Tuesdays."

Of course they would.

Anyway, I had a typical Monday, I suppose. Nothing really is going on, though. I like to write daily in the blog, but I hate to bore you all with meaningless posts. My last three were a bit...hmm..."darker", I guess. Not the humorous things that I normally write about.

So, those keeping up, I did make me a writing schedule. I sent it to JBM last night, and then today, he said, "That's the bare minimum."

Ugh. It's still more than I normally write, so I'd think that would be a good thing that I plan to write daily. But, I didn't write today. I suck. Yesterday, however, I wrote for 2.5 hours, finishing a full chapter of a brand new piece of work. Unforunately, neither of my CPs (critique partners) were overly excited about the work. It's chick-thrill, and I think the overall concept is a riot. Chris thinks it's too limited. Although all romance writers would know exactly what I'm referring to, a regular reader would not.

But, if you step back and look at the great Sandra Brown's ENVY (alltime fav of mine), hers is about writers and editors. AND, I had finished my first novel before I read it, but still had no idea what she was talking about when she mentioned "slush pile" in the novel. Did it change how great the novel was? No. Now, of course, I know all too well what a slush pile is. Does it sound nasty? It should. It's a nasty place to be in an editor's office.

So scrap my newest piece of work, yanno, the one I worked on last night so I wouldn't have to open up THOE and face Liz and Alex, guilt flooding over me like a mother that has abandoned her children. And because I'm such a freakin' glutton for punishment, my plan is to have the first three chapters of THOE (The Haunting of Elizabeth) AND my romantic comedy (named Mr. Fix It at the moment, not to STAY named that, though) in shape enough to pitch BOTH at Nationals.

What? Is that a collective groan I hear from the masses?

Oh wait, no, that's my wailing groan of dispair and self-inflicted torture.

Tonight, hopefully, I'll start pulling apart Lisa Gardner's synopsis workshop that I printed out and seeing how it applies to my own work. That should count, because we have to KNOW OUR CRAFT! And, I have to have a tight, kick-ass proposal, of which a synopsis is included.

On a new front, Shandie picked up a YA at the store and is going to read it to study her line!!! How exciting is that? I really hope she follows through on it. Of course, if she's following her mother's footsteps, she'll talk a good game but not actually get any decent writing done.

I shall update tomorrow on how my writing tonight goes.

And, for those that think my grammar sucks for a writer, I don't care. I'm usually drugged when I write, and I write fast. Sorry, don't feel like proofing the blog. Deal. ~razz~

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Isabo said...

I'm surprised you can write at all with fibro. I can hardly ever come up with the words I need...although I like writing better than speaking, at least I have time to think or search for a word instead of standing around like an idiot while people stare at me :)