Thursday, April 21, 2005

A B C what's missing?! D!!!

Remember our buddy "D" that was posting and tormenting me in the knowledge that I knew them originally online, then in real life, said that the initial of the "D" was significant, and loved the idea that their lack of knowledging who he/she/it really was made me bugshyt?

Well, I made a guess several posts back. And since then, there's been no sign of D! What's up D? Is that or isn't that you?

Did you really think I wouldn't eventually find out? Please...I always figure it out. Now post so I know how your world is, dang it, or better yet, drop an email from HERE to *I* get it in my box, instead of it going to B's.



anthony said...

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Brenda Bradshaw said...

Uh. Wow. have produced one of the scientic mysteries of all time: Brenda in a Speechless Moment.

I'll check it out, and thanks for your incredibly kind words.

D said...

PA is such a big place. So is CA, TX, NY, etc. You could pick any state or country at random and take a guess that I’m from there. It was so general that I did ignore the “D from PA” post but probably shouldn’t have. Wouldn’t want to give you the delusion that you’d made a lucky guess, now would I?

If you want to narrow the field a bit and name a city within in PA, then at least I can tell if you are even close.

The board is set up and the pieces are in play…

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Um. No. The game board is not in place, the pieces have been obliterated, by yours truly. My board, my game. Game over.

You're obviously not the D in Pa that I thought you were, unless THAT D in PA has suddenly turned into a flaming bitch, which I seriously doubt. So you must be a different D in PA, otherwise, why waste the time in mentioning a specific town? If I say...oh...Harrisburg, for instance, which is in PA, but you're really in like...MD, what difference does Harrisburg make? None. Therefore, I know you're in PA, I just don't know who you are.

Personally, I think you like this little mental (yes, I meant mentality as in a TINY mentality) game because you obviously have no power over lira, and having this little ounce of knowledge in who you are is the only way you can get my attention. Apparently, when we met in real life, I was incredibly unimpressed because you surely did not leave a lasting memory in me. And not just me, for that matter, as others that I know from mIRC as well as in real life who have pondered the possibilities of whom you might be, and they, too, drew a blank. You must be SO proud.

I could be mistaken. You could be someone I've met that I really like and because of my life now and the medications I take, I have simply yet unintentionally forgotten you. Judging by your posts when you're not aggravating me like a hemmeroid after childbirth, you're quite intelligent, and that in and of itself is a rarity on mIRC, which would add in narrowing down the list of who you could be. And still nothing. You're very forgettable.

So no, no game. I'm busy. If you read my blog, you know this. I have synopsis things going on, workshops to get ready for, conferences, including Reno, to prepare for, as well as my many loops, some of which I moderate, and one in which I'm a board member and we're currently having a board meeting. And none of that includes the creativity and time needed to produce my product. So do I have time for your pathetic attempts at gaining lira's attention? Well, glad you asked. The answer: An emphatic no.

You apparently harbor ill-will in the fact that you didn't get to have a little bit lira attention at some point or another, and in thinking you have a game going on, you've weaseled yourself into my life. You obviously know me, I have no doubt you're male and from mIRC, so what it is? Miss seeing pictures of me? Miss watching me flirt with everyone else BUT you? Usually bitterness is an attribute seen in women. Are you perhaps a closet crossdresser? I'd think yes, and I'd think you have issues with your mother, but being that this is a vanilla blog, I'll not delve into that aspect of your psyche. Frankly, I'm a bit concerned at what may be unearthed, and those are nasty little secrets that are best buried under layers of muck you call your personality.

Game is over. Grow a set and participate in the manner in which this blog is intended, or be gone, because I'm done with your childish antics.

Your anticipated cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Buh-bye.


Nic said...

Oooohhhh, Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! MEOW Brenbabe. I can just envision what you're doing with your facial expressions as you typed that. LOL!

So is this splintered ruler time? I haven't worked on my synop yet for tomorrow. SCREEEEE! Guess I'd better get my a$$ to the grindstone. But I have been interviewing this week a lot for some jobs, so that is my excuse so far. LOL. It's gonna be a blast!

D said...

My apologies for having hit a sore spot, as this was neither an exercise in power nor one of ill will but a humorous attempt at engaging the mind of a suspense writer.

I did indeed once live in PA, but reside elsewhere these days.

As you pointed out I had grown silent since your post on pain, as there was nothing more to be said nor will I add further repartee after this post.

I wish you well, and much luck with your endeavors and the continued health of your family.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

You didn't hit a sore spot. You found the spot of indifference. Look it up, and you'll see what I mean.

I do not need to have my "mind as a suspense writer" engaged in your game. I'm creating INTERESTING stories of intrigue, not little games of the scorned and pouting parties of "why doesn't Lira give me more attention?!" If you feel that it was humorous, please do us ALL a favor and don't bother attempting to write comedy. It'd be a wasted effort indeed.

I don't quite understand your last comment, given you'd posted on the blog with the SOLE intent of irritating me, thus not revealing your identity, and that was way before I posted regarding my physical issues. You DARED me to figure it out and said you thought it would be funny to see how many months it took. Your intentions were crystal clear from the beginning, and anything you say now has other evidence to support your claim as false. Find a new excuse for not posting because that one doesn't carry enough credible weight.

Another way you've proven your intentions contrary to what you posted is that, knowing how aggravated I am with you, don't care enough to set the record straight on your identify now. I know your intentions of this, you know your intentions of this, and please do not insult the intelligence of the others reading this blog by implying THEY misread your intentions. We all know.

I will not wish you well in your future endeavors as you leave me, because I don't know who I'm wishing them to. And right now, I'm too busy hoping Karma comes and bites you in the ass.

Isabo said...

this is random, but if you need some online fibro support (and bursitis), try FibroHugs. I really like it there, and there are forums and live chats, with lots of info. just fyi, I know it can be hard to find support in real life.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Thank you, isabo! I'll check it out. :)