Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mornings Suck & Blog Guilt

It's 7am. In the summer, with no school to get the kids ready for, that should be illegal. Period. No questions asked.

So why am I up, you ask? Because I'm apparently a masochist. This chick up at the salon wanted someone to practice arcrylics on...for free. So I'm like, "Cool! Free nails!" And apparently I'm the only person that fell for this.

~insert gullible face here~

Now, my nails grow fast, and get pretty long. But then they start to split and stuff, so I basically ignore them, just occasionally filing them. She was going to do (and did) just a top arcylic layer to help with the splitting. Uh huh. Right. So after soaking off the "mess ups" for the fourth time now, my nails are shot to hell and as fragile as gossamer. Not kidding. Breaking off like crazy, so she (and the "teacher") are putting on tips today. Since I'm leaving for DFW today, she said, "Come in at 8am and we'll get you fixed up before you go."

And like the moron I am, I said, "OKAY!"

Since I don't wake up on my own...ever...I had to have B wake me up before he went back on his 72 hour shift. Which meant 6:30am. I don't wake up that early DURING school hours. I've lost my freakin' mind. It's all that acetone I've been soaking in. I swear.

So yeah, I'm leaving today for DFW and I won't be home until the 3rd. Therefore, no more blog updates until then. My parents have a computer, but it's six years old. Add a dial-up connection to it, and I'd rather gargle with razorblades than get online while at their house. Call me spoiled, but I LOVE my cable connection. I should have a crapload of stories to regale you all with when I get back though.

And I'm dealing with blog guilt. I tend to visit other blogs and spend 2-3 hours doing that and nothing else, blog hopping around and reading and posting, or visit none at all, and with the writing I've been doing lately, that means I haven't been visiting. I hope to get in an hour or so today before I go, because frankly, I miss it. I love to read what all you other guys are doing. In the meantime, I deal with guilt.

That, btw, is NOT from the acetone.

And mornings still suck.


Gena Showalter said...

LOL I shouldn't laugh at your misery but I can't help myself.

kacey said...

I do not know how people can STAND to have dial up these days. If I ever move, that will be a deciding factor on where we buy. Must have fast internet connection!

Have fun on your trip!

Donna Grant said...

I understand where you're coming from, Brenda. My parents have dial up as well. Its awful.

:) good luck with those nails.

Tess said...

Brenda - enjoy your time in DFW!

And I hear you on blog guilt!! Really, really well *g*.

As for the neat thing on my blog telling you what music I'm playing, it's a MicroSoft plug-in for MediaPlayer. Very cool :-)

Duke_of_Earle said...

Sorry, B. No sympathy from me. By 6:30 most weekday mornings I'm already sitting at desk at the plant office.

I DO empathize with blog guilt, tho. As for dial-up speed, I'm already so spoiled by broadband that when I travel I gladly pay extra for a place with wireless hi-speed access. In contrast to dial up, a little razor blade gargle sounds like fun.


Olga said...

Brenda, hugs on the nails, and we will miss you!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Hey, Brenda, where in Big D?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Karyn, I was in Hurst, specifically, although I spent a lot of time in Dallas itself.