Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Well, I survived the parental units

I'm back. Of the four kids, only two returned with me: the toddlers. EEKS!

Carly is up in Wisconsin visiting my dear friend, Shari. Shandie is still up at my parents, because when Carly flies home on Saturday, Shandie then hits the sky to take her place for her own one week vacation. Then, of course, Shari and I meet up in Denver to connect our flights for OUR one week vacation in RENO!!! Busy times, I'm a'tellin' ya.

While I was gone, I read a TON. Something occurred to me last night when I stayed up til 3:45am to finish a novel: I always fall in love with the heros. I can only say: This has got to be what it takes to create a fanbase...the hero. Yum. ~takes a deeeeeeeeep, cleansing breath~

I did finally read two more Jenny Crusie books. I'd only read CHARLIE ALL NIGHT, which was cute, but didn't blow me away. I've now read STRANGBEDPERSONS and MANHUNTING, and I'm blown away. I hope to start BET ME soon.

As you all know, I'm a huge Julie Kenner junkie. Her latest novel (to me) just solidified that little fact. I finished NOBODY BUT YOU in just one and 1/2 days...SO good. I'd read SILENT CONFESSIONS and then it's follow-up, SILENT DESIRES, in that same record time. Although Julie is exploring paranormal right now, she's got the perfect balance to me for romantic suspense. Seriously, I can't say enough.

Also, I was up late reading Sandra Brown's WHITE HOT. I was pleased to find that Sandra Brown pulled me back into her fan base. She sold me with ENVY, but a couple after that did not wow me, but WHITE HOT got me all over again. Such an amazing plot line with more twists and turns than a freeway built across a mountain range. If you love ENVY, grab this one, too.

So that's what I did while I was gone: Read a ton. And yes, I worked too (mostly during Vacation Bible School - shhhhh, don't tell anyone! I think I may burn in hell for working on a scandalous story aimed at Blaze while in church.) My plot, and more importantly, my characters, are coming along nicely. I'm still working with FIRST DRAFT IN 30 DAYS, and I'm quite happy with the process, although I haven't been able to work on it as much as I'd hoped (I've been reading! BAD BRENDA!)but I am glad to find the book useful. As you writers know, it's like winning the lottery when we find a book on our craft that truly helps us!

Let's see...other news? Oh, how about this little gem? My mother, and I quote: "You really should lose some weight. I don't think I've ever seen you this heavy."


To which I replied: "Guess dementia is setting in already, Mom. You forget the five years in Vidor when I was 15lbs heavier than this." (She didn't see me as often, so maybe that was the difference.) My almost 15 year old daughter (pardon me while I sob over her upcoming birthday) actually GAPED at her grandmother, and said she couldn't believe she'd said that. Mom tried to backpeddle, but yeah...well...yanno. Too little too late. Since so many of you have read my struggles and incredible discontentment with my weight lately, I thought you'd just LOVE reading that juicy news. The irony? Mom said this while FRYING HOMEMADE FRENCH FRIES for dinner. Why not just insult me while running an IV of lard right into my ass? Seems like that would be easier, right? Ugh.

Oh and this week, I have to go back and have my nails redone (shocked? Right.) I'm accepting prayers on my behalf for the pain I know I'm about to endure.

Reno, come faster.


Kelly said...

I love that your daughter stuck up for you! Family - you either love 'em or want to bury their remains in the backyard. Glad you're excited about Reno, me too!

randy said...

Aren't parents (particularly mothers) wonderful? Here's my quote of the weekend:

Stepmom: "Honey, can I give you some motherly advice?"


Stepmom: "Don't wear clothes that reveal cleavage around your father anymore. It upsets him."

(No, my father's not a perv--he's just old fashioned.)

Me: "But I'm 51 years old."

Stepmom: "But you'll always be his little girl."

Me: Rolling eyes and eliminating half my wardrobe from future parental visits.

See ya in Reno!!!

Jana J. Hanson said...

Are you from the South?

My grandmother and mother were constantly on me about my weight. My grandmother still mentions it.

And don't I love homemade french fries!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Kelly, yeah, my daughter rocks. And the really crappy part is although she's almost 15, 5'7 with a size 6 body and gorgeous (her blog is linked her, so you can see her), she IS a teenager and has typical body/self-esteem issues. So it irked me that my mother made that comment in front of her, especially.

Randy- THAT is funny. If you can't wear what you want by that age, what's the point?? LOL! (You so way don't look that age though! Shocked me to read it)

Jana - Texas - home of the fried potatoes!

MaryF said...

Brenda, ugh on the comment. I was waiting on a similar comment from my grandmother this week. This is the heaviest I've been, and while I'm not thrilled, I'm not ready to do anything about it yet. Fortunately dodged that bullet.