Sunday, June 05, 2005

Feeling JUMPY?

Maybe I've had one too many glasses of wine and therefore, shouldn't post, but this is irritating me more than cat shyt on the sizzling sidewalks of Texas in August.

(Let's that visual sit for a moment.)

And before I speak what's on my tipsy mind, let me say this: My blog was not started, nor do I tend for it to be, a harpy place for me to bitch. I don't want to spew negativity all the time, but dayum, what's UP with the people in my life?

So first I'm told I'm arrogant. Hold a moment while I laugh hysterically. I know I can be viewed as very confident, and most times, I am. But to be called arrogant was a first. THEN to be told that I hate myself...wait, doesn't that directly contradict the so-called arrogance? Is it just me? Have I had one glass too much or do those two statement TOTALLY and completely contradict each other?

I have no idea what the entire conversation was about, really, but finally I asked, "Do you read my blog? Because if you do, then you know me, the real me." This was the answer:

"I try to but you jump around all over the place."

I do?! I mean, DO I?! I realize I ramble, but this isn't exactly a place to write my freakin' high school essays, is it? This is the SECOND person that told me my thoughts "jump around". The first was an agent who read my work and whom I ended up killing off in my novel. This second time was by a new friend that I've spoken to several times, and I recommend here on MY site that you're reading right now. Makes one think of that little phrase about burning bridges, doesn't it?

Do I? Am I THAT horrible to read? Should I delete this entire freakin' thing or believe that some actually LIKE what I have to say? Is it arrogance to ignore the statements, or pure wisdom? And more importantly, do I even care?

No, not really.

8 comments: said...

Brenda, sometimes friendships aren't all what they seem. This may be the time to tell the person to take a hike! This is about who YOU are; not them!

I don't read every post; however, it doesn't take away from what your passion is to share a piece of yourself with those that care about you and the subject matters at hand.

Press on!

Christine Keach said...

SSorry there's so much negativity around you! Make some changes! Maybe burn that bridge. You just keep posting and writing and doing what you're doing. I know I love reading your blog (and finding out what's up with you) AND your manuscripts! So, keep bloggin' and keep writing and who cares about that jerk!

ZaZa said...

Hey, Bren! You know what they say about not letting the turkeys get you down. If they think your blog jumps all over the place, they should read mine. ;-)))

Like you said, this is YOUR place to say whatever you want to say. You have a life, and you have goals, and sometimes things don't go in a straight line. Tell them to get over it and enjoy life.


Kelly said...

Seems to me, when someone says you're arrogant, it's just a sad translation for 'I'm suffering severe lack of self esteem and figure if I attack you I can drag you down with me so I won't be wallowing in misery alone.' I love your blog, it entertains me while I'm at work and so bored I want to jab a pen in my eye. My guess is this other so-called friend, isn't as much of one as she claims to be.

Lynn said...

Wait, you're arrogant and you hate yourself? Damn, you're talented! I could never manage both of those at the same time! As far as jumping around, um, HEL-LO??? Have you read my blog? My posts sometimes jump from subject to subject like a ferret on speed. Personally, I think that's what's fun about blogs. If the author doesn't plan their posts, you really get a peek inside their mind.

Personally, I enjoy reading you. Don't change a thing.

Karyn Lyndon said...

The intro to my blog on my website says: my blog is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.

I like to be surprised and you're always a surprise! Delete the "witch's"

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Actually, it was a guy. And trust me, his graphic to his company is very, very much gone now.

Thanks for your support, guys. You really are the bestest.

Tess said...

Brenda - can't say as I've ever noticed you jump around any more than the rest of us who blog. Um, isn't that what blogging is partly about? Our random thoughts on writing and stuff? Hey, if I have to have a theme etc, I'd be sunk. I mean, really.

Hon - you are who you are. And I don't think that's arrogant or jumpy *g*. And WTG on dropping those pounds!!! Can hardly wait to see you in that dress :-)