Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Time is spewing away

I leave in two days to head to Reno.

~One moment please - must pop another Xanax~

I'm leaving from DFW, and my parents up there are watching the four kids while I'm gone for a week, which is why I'm leaving so early. I'll be there Friday and Saturday just to hang out, then Sunday evening I get on a jet plane and HASTA LA VISTA, baby! I'm outta here!!! On the many loops I'm on, I was talking about being in DFW before Reno and was invited to the DARA (Dallas Romance Writers of America) monthly meeting. Their guest speaker?


I swear, the poor guy's gonna think I'm stalking him.

He'll survive. I think.

So I'm mostly packed up and ready to go. I got my dress back from the tailor and dry cleaned. This isn't even my dress for the gala, but for the Death By Chocolate party. Things are so crazy, I swear. Now I just have to pack up the stuff for four kids for a week, and get my "cannot forget for conference" stuff packed up and stowed and KNOW it's going to be okay.

On top of all this chaos, I've not been sleeping. I was up until 7am one night..morning. Then 4:30. Then 3:45. So I am getting closer to normal sleeping hours. Last night, I totally drugged myself up, and I still didn't crash until almost 1am. Then it was even harder to wake up than normal because of all the Xanax and Flexeril I'd taken. ~le sigh~ And although I only have today and tomorrow to have EVERYTHING ready, B says "Let's take today to do nothing but relax and watch movies." I translate that to: and sleep. I need to. I need to be rested before the chaos and thrill of next week sweeps me away like last week's alley trash...but there's just still SO MUCH TO DO!!!

I have a folder I've been putting all my papers that I 'can't possibly forget for Nationals' in. BUT, it's now overflowing, so I had to move to a three-ring binder style. I found a black one that reads "I FELL OFF THE MONKEY BARS". I thought if I totally snapped and went beyond mental at Nationals, someone might see that and then they'd all nod their heads in understanding. That's my hope anyway, should anything happen.

On the "new and exciting" news front: I'm the new Promotions Manager for Romance Divas. If you're not a member there, you really should join. There's a great chat forum and it's so much better than emails to me to hold information (no saving or printing off emails) and to be able to go back and remind yourself of links or whatever. I'm really looking forward to working with Kristen, Jax and Lisa. And yanno, with the 43 loops, the two I moderate, the board of KOD and being the recruiting assistant and all that jazz...well, I had some free time. ~smirk~ Thank gawd, I'm the Multitasking Demon.

As you can tell if you're STILL reading this, I have to get back into the habit of blogging daily, otherwise I run at the mouth like a colon after a Mexican fiesta.

And I'm running around this house like a chicken with its head cut off. And, for all you city folk, let me tell ya...I've seen it, and it ain't a pretty site.

And it kinda puts a damper on Sunday dinner of fried chicken, too.

Bad, bad visual.


Tess said...

LOL re the binder. I have a zipped folder thingie (got it from It's stuffed. I'm so paraonid of forgetting ANYTHING.

Congrats on the RD promotion :-) I'm a member, just haven't had time to drop by much lately.

kacey said...

I haven't started getting organized for Reno. I'm so jealous... Guess I better get started, huh?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Tess, ya gotta get over there more often!

Kacey, umm...time is slipping by! Might wanna start THINKING about packing. LOL! But, I'm leaving early, tomorrow, so my deadline is sooner than most.