Wednesday, July 20, 2005

One Acetone Soak Too Many

Remember me getting free nails so this chick could learn arcrylic?? Well, she did a decent job three weeks ago and then I was gone to DFW. She KNOWS I leave for Nationals THIS WEEK, and the entire point was to let her practice on me so I look good for Nationals. Duh. So last night I go in to have her "fill them" (they're the french manicure look). She RUSHES through it, doesn't buff them, which means they look dull, then says, "Come back tomorrow night and we'll soak these off and put gel nails on instead of acrylic."


So I'm like, "That's cutting it really close. I don't know that I'll have time." (Trying to urge her to finish these to look good.)

She says, "Oh, we can do the gels when you get back then."

I'm thinking, okay let's get these buffed and done with, even though they're rushed. INSTEAD, she says, "Go out the back so Lori (owner and "teacher") doesn't ask to see them." Which means she knew they looked like shyt. I said, "Aren't you going to buff them?" She said, "It doesn't make that big a difference. Your cuticles are dry so we'll put oil on them instead."

Yes, the oil made them look better...til the oil DRIED and was gone and now I have these dull looking things.

So I go in tonight, so we can soak these off AGAIN and let her do the gels. She's not there. I called her cell. She says, "Remember, we're doing the gels when you get back?"

OMG. SOOOOOOO PISSED. I said, "Well, I'm not going with them looking like this. I guess I'll just paint them to cover it up."

Her answer. "Polish."

Me: What??

Her: "It's polishing your nails, not painting."


I storm back home and I'm livid. LIVID. I don't do nails because mine DO grow. But as they grow, they split. So when we started this (for free), it was to just do an acrylic overlay so my natural nail wouldn't split. After she kept screwing it up and I kept having to soak them off, my nails were so brittle I would sneeze and they'd break. Now I have trashed nails.

So, I leave in two days. I'm going to PAINT them and cover this crap up then I'll soak them off myself and NEVER go back. Ever. Ev.Er.

So what color would go with ALL my outfits?? Pink won't match red. Red won't match pinks. I hate this.

Remember this: You get what you pay for. I just did.


Nic said...

I am the nail queen. Try Maybelline's Wet Shine Diamonds Nail Color in Ruby Desire or their Express Finish Glitter in Luminous Moon, OPI in Kyoto Pearl, Kennebunk-port, Fiji Weejee Fawn, Alpine Snow or Belize It or Not. Any of those should work with pink or red. Good luck!

kacey said...

oh my gosh, Nic knows nail polish colors off the top of her head. I'm in awe...

Brenda...bummer on the trashed nails. We won't look at them in Reno...much... *g

Anonymous said...

Did you like what was on my nails in Dallas? the opalescent stuff? Goes with everything. OPI's Rosy Futures.

Ditch the nail bitch.

Hi, btw, I'm at the beach.

Tess said...

Hugs on the nails, Brenda. That sucks. I use a Champagne colour from Revlon (am pretty certain it's Revlon). It's great - kinda reflective, but also neutral enough to go with most of what I wear. Have it on my toes right now. Am waiting to PAINT my fingernails till I arrive in Reno.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Well, my nails are "Whore of the Neighborhood Red", and most of the PTA would pull their young sons quickly away from me like I'd be contagious. ~sigh~ It'll just have to do.

Kacey, no lookin' at my nails!!!

Sela Carsen said...

Good night. I'm getting my nails done tomorrow, but no fake ones. Just a simple shape and polish. I hope. Now I'm all noivis.