Thursday, May 12, 2005

Can Women and Men Be Just Friends?


On my previous post, I mention a scene from the movie. My good friend Ann asked the question that's the theme: Can women and men really be just friends?

I did answer her in chat: Yes, I think so. I do believe so. I think it can be difficult and needs to be discussed as the friendship develops deeper. Ann asked the question in a comment, but I thought we should bring it out here and see what you all think.

I think love is best when it begins as friends. There's a deeper level there, a trust and a bond that is harder to break. It's knowing each other on more than one plane, with deeper levels to the relationship.

I'd still rather have passion first though. But that's just me. I think maybe I need to stop reading this Blaze line!!!

~swivels in the chair to pick a new book~

Let's go with comedy (the line I'm supposed to be studying anyway!) The winner is: FLIRTING WITH DANGER, by Suzanne Enoch. Watch for the book review on my book blog.

In the meantime, tell me your opinions. Even better, give us examples of any of the above mentioned scenarios. Don't's the internet. Your identity is safe. Kinda. ~grin~


Karyn Lyndon said...

Brenda, can men and women be friends? The answer is yes...if they never actually come into physical contact with one Speaking of that, the Duke of Earle lives in Victoria Texas and he and I share an agent (Lantz Powell of the Literary Agent for Southern Authors.) We've never met, just started kibitzing on each other's blogs, which we've each been "encouraged" by said agent to increase our hits. (Obviously ol' Duke is doing better than me.) I believe he lives in Victoria, TX. I'm not sure how far that is from Austin. But I do think us Texas bloggers/writers have to stick together!

P.S. Us Mac users appreciate it. We love being high maintanance!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Yes, Victoria is near Houston, and I'm about four hours north of there. I was thinking he was near Austin. Too bad, because we have a fabulous RWA writers group there.

I think I talked to that agent by phone last year, and he told me to start a blog. I had no idea what has talking about, and just hung up the phone! LOL! I remember him being "for southern writers" and asking if he was including Texas as part of the South (some don't.)

It was a weird conversation, to be sure!!!

And yes, distance is a FABULOUS thing...sometimes.