Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dressing to the Nines - Nationals

I'm all kinds of excited. I just ordered my dress for the Kiss of Death banquet in which one of my all time fav authors is the keynote (Jennifer Crusie). And here in ...oh...*eyes the clock* 1 1/2 hours, I'm ordering my 2nd dress, the one I'll wear to the Ritas. Last year, my first year at Nationals, I just wore a Sunday dress and felt horribly UNDER dressed. This year will be so much better and I'm excited about it. It really does kind of feel like Cinderella getting ready for the ball. Or Brendarella. Or Writerella. Whatever. You get the idea.

I just found this fabulous new group that has fans of J.C. on it, and of course, I joined. And we have our "cherry" nicknames, which I think is just so cute. Also, it sounds like some are wearing cherry pins on their nametags at Nationals, so here I am scootchin' over to eBay again, this time with a cherry pin in mind!! The differences in last year and this year still just blow me away. Blown is good.

I like it.

Today is Easter Sunday. The kids are filling up on chocolate. I'd admit that I don't care for chocolate all that much, save for the rare occasions when I can't get enough, but I'm afraid such an omission may get me kicked out of being a romance writer. And that just wouldn't do a'tall.

So it's Easter, in Texas. Normally this is a lovely day for egg hunting and the such. Not today! You know it's chilly in Texas in the spring when your husband, from UPSTATE NEW YORK (and from on top of a mountain at that!) declares it "cold" outside. Thankfully, we have a monster size house, so the kids will hunt for eggs in here.

In the meantime, my house still looks like Walmart spewed chunks. I still haven't gotten us totally unpacked from Spring Break last week, or from the many trips I was taking back and forth to Dallas. And I'm STILL tired from that.

Speaking of tired, time to take the meds again before I forget. I was cutting back because of all the driving. I'm already drowsy on long car trips, don't need to add the sedatives and muscle relaxers and pain killers to THAT. Bad, BAD mix, it would be. So now I'm trying to get back to my 3x a day, and it's kickin' my butt. Badly. I hate rebuilding my tolerance levels back up. (If you're new to The Land of Brenda, I have fibro with bursitis complications. No cure, just pain management. Took awhile for a diagnosis because I'm only 35 and they rarely see bursitis in someone my age.) Doc says my body is like a 70 yr. old. Nice. Now I know why I'm saggin' in the chest so badly.

Today is only my second day to post on the blog and I'm hoping to make it a daily habit. Please stop by often, and comment at will.



Brenda Bradshaw said...

Woohoo! Got my dress for the Rita Awards. Now to win my cherry pin!
~happy wiggle~

monika said...

I was just wandering the world of blogs during a few moments of boredom and i stumbled across this one. I like your thought process and I'll keep checking back! Do you write?

--Monika =)

Gina said...

So Brenda...

Tell me about the cherry pins. I might have missed that because I've gone no mail on all my yahoo groups so that I have more time to write (um now I'm blog hopping instead).

who is actually Maraschino Cherry

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Thanks for stopping in, you two! Yes, Monika, I'm a writer. Unpublished, so far. I wrote a romantic suspense (great sex and someone dies) but I have a ton of people telling me my voice is made for comedy. So I'm exploring that avenue at the moment. However, my first baby (novel) Called THE HAUNTING OF ELIZABETH (no, not paranormal, one day I'll explain the title) JUST finaled in my FIRST EVER contest, The Merritt! I'm so freakin' excited over it. Now if I can get it to final in The Daphne & The Sheila!

Gina, I don't know. As you know, I'm horribly new to JC's fan loop, but I read something about them wearing cherry pins so that we can identify other Cherries at Nationals. Not one to be left behind (I'm soooooo clueless most of the time as it is) I rushed to eBay to get a pin.

Now, here's the catch: Why isn't there an OFFICIAL J.C. Cherry Pin being designed?! Those would sell majorly, I think!!! Maybe I should put it on the loop.

I hope to work more on my blog. As you two can see, I've just got it up and running. I want to put links of my favorites here somewhere, but being that I know not much about All Things Computer, I have to either figure it out or find someone that'll help me for free. I'd love to use WebDivas (they created writeminded's blog) but I just don't have the funds for it. (Nationals is sucking up a lot of money, yanno!)

I'm rambling again. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you add me to your blog list of favorites and write to me often.

Laura said...

Hi - got the link from the ChickLit loop and just wanted to pop in and say hi! I too love your throught process and the romantic suspense novel sounds very interesting.
I look forward to reading more from you soon.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Your body certainly doesn't look 70 to me!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi Laura! Guess advertising works then, huh? I must admit I'm having THE best time with this!

LOL Thanks, Karyn. It may not look it, but omg, does it FEEL it. Thank goodness for narcotics, eh?

Btw, I went to your site and clicked on the counter and worked my way through the process. I have an account, but I don't know how to take the code and put it onto this blogger. Does what I just typed make sense to you, because I'm not all that sure it makes sense to ME!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Yes, it makes perfect sense. When I first started blogging I wanted my blog to match my website so I went into the template and just started fooling around with it (let's see what happens when I delete this???). I have never had html training but trial and error I'm accustomed to. I would love to be able to tell you what exactly I did but I don't know for sure myself.

I do know that you reach the template from your blogger "dashboard", from there go to "change settings" and then click on "template". You have to copy and paste the statcounter html code into your template. As far as where you want your counter to go on your blog...that's a whole 'nother can o' worms. Trial and error is the best I can suggest. Oh, and in order to see the template changes, you have to refresh your screen. Good luck!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Well, I did paste it in like it said, but nothing happened! So I took it out and figured I'd find one of my computer geekier friends to help walk me through it.

Thanks so much for your help though, Karyn! Btw, I LOVE your site and put it in my kinja thingy so I can keep updated easily.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I'll bet it did do something...but you didn't refresh the screen. It's finicky that way...

And thanks for kinjaing I'm not sure I've ever been kinjad before...

Brenda Bradshaw said...

You're probably right. Since that attempt, I've played around with it a lot more and feel more comfortable doing things, so maybe I'll retry it tomorrow.

You're welcome for the kinjaing. I don't think I've been kinja'ed before, but man, doesn't it sound NASTY?!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hey, did you see my whine about links? Did you do yours? I can't figure THAT out for the life of me and could DESPERATELY use some help!!!

Courtney Slavin said...

Being a fellow cherry, thought here was the most appropriate place to comment. I love your blog and am hoping for a published book soon to pick up off the shelf. Love your style, even blogging. I'm a writer as well but don't feel so much like I say that seeing as how I only have like 5 pages written. Discipline. I lack it. Desire's there. I'll tell ya that. :) ANYWAY. Wrote more than I planned. Keep it up- I'll keep reading. :)

Courtney aka Cherry In The Rough