Monday, March 28, 2005


Sounds like toss-spot. Like.....*everytime* I read it. I'm either exceedingly tired, or I've finally gone mental beyond all hope. We're going with the first one, just to pacify me, okay? Thanks.


Laurie Wood said...

Your blog screams YOU! And your picture hardly looks like that of a 70yr old woman. It looks like that of an extremely talented, creative woman, who I'm very glad we have involved on a couple of KOD Committees. (or is it just one? ) And I'm with you on not figuring it out with the html thing on these blogs....mine is the same only over on xanga....I'm totally lost too! Hang in with the meds, and the chocolate. Chocolate is it's own high, you know, unless you get migraines, like me!

Laurie Wood

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi Laurie! Actually (and don't tell anyone) I'm not sure WHAT I do for KOD! I'm the Assist. Coffin Coordinator. I make sure people get their stuff in to us and W-9 forms and stuff like that. Christine is going to walk me through it on the phone, but I haven't heard back from her yet! (panic face)

Thanks for you lovely comments. If you're going to Nationals, we'll meet up there at the KOD banquet!! I'm SO excited about it!!!!!