Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bloggin', Bloggin', Bloggin'...Gotta keep on bloggin'!

Gotta keep on bloggin', AWAY!

Man, I'm losin' it big time, eh? I've been changing and adding stuff all night, and I'm dizzy from html code. And I'm not even a blonde. ~ducks from the blondes out there~

I got a huge box in the mail today of more books. If you're in the market for a certain book, I highly suggest eBay seller sjtaylor. She is super sweet, combines shipping, and has this huge honker selection of books, many of which are 1st editions. Today I got some more of my favs: Sandra Brown and Jenny Crusie, but added some new I hadn't read. My TBR (To Be Read) shelf is bulging now like Bubba after a Thanksgiving buffet. But, I need to research my line, right? Right. So I wrote suspense, and I had to have the basics: Lisa Gardner, Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, Suz Brockmann, Tami Hoag. It's like...law. At least it should be. And I'm still collecting those as I find them.

But NOW I'm researching comedy, since so many people are telling me I have that "voice". THAT means a ton of new books! There are a lot I just got today that I hadn't heard of, and I love it. So here's your assignment: Color outside the lines. Get outta the rut. Go and buy a new book from an author you've never read before. Because who knows? Someday that new author just may be me. ~grin~

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Brenda,
For suspense, don't forget Iris Johansen and Kay Hooper.
There are lots and lots of funny chick lit/romantic comedy writers out there. Of course, I'm blanking on everyone except Katie MacAlister and Jenny Crusie. \;+))) Not a lot of angst in chick lit, really. Some dark humor, but mostly upbeat.