Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well, it's 1am, but...

It was a semi-productive day.

I took Squishy Baby to school, telling the teacher about the incident and the shaking and stuff. By 10am, she called. He was shaking and dizzy and walking crooked again, and she was so freaked she CARRIED him to the nurse. I decided that was IT. I mean, he's #4, right? I've been through all kinds of stuff with the others, I'm a pretty good judge of what requires a doctor and what doesn't. But after five days since the incident, I was getting kind of worried, and I didn't want my "I'm a mom for years" mentality to really screw up my kid. So we headed off to the ER.

They did a CT Scan and also a chest xray to check for pneumonia since he had a bad cough. I'm relieved to say that both were fine. I didn't break the boy! YAY! He has a slight ear infection, but the doctor didn't think that was enough to make the way he walked so weird, or cause such drastic dizziness. BUT, he said the slight ear infection COMBINED with the head trauma was. So there ya go. He wanted him to stay home til Friday, but said if he was up to it, he could go back tomorrow.

Now this is the crappy part - this is THE best week of school for the entire year for elementary school kids. High school sucks this time of year - semester finals, which Shandie is cussing greatly over (figure of speech.) Tonight as we were decorating the three, there were about 5 ornaments Sydney had made last year. Cooper only has one so far, because he's been out all this week. Syd was so upset over that, she wanted to take some of hers down. One of her tender moments - as few as they are - now recorded in history. On top of that, we buy them an ornament each year. I haven't found THE ONE yet for Cooper for this year, so he only had three plus the one from school. Shandie and Carly had a crapload. Syd even had a good number - 5th Christmas and all the ones from school last year and this year. So poor little dude was like, "This mine? What about this one?" I finally started letting him hang up just anything. He was happy with that.

So yes, that brings me to this: THE TREE IS UP AND DECORATED! Finally! Whew! And I stayed up (as you can see) and got rest of the gifts wrapped. I'm almost back on schedule!!!

Now tomorrow I have to finish cleaning and I have to have lunch with Carly because I can't make it to her class party on Friday, because Friday I have TWO school parties I have to attend: Syd's and Cooper's. Both at the same time. Ugh. And, with Syd's, I have to bring cupcakes. Ugh again. Now, am I going to be smart and just buy some to take? Or am I going to let my anal-perfectionism kick my ass further by making them from scratch? I'm guessing the latter, but I'm so worn out I just may go with store bought. Plus, they'd all get like a cool little cheap-ass plastic ring or something that'd come on the top. How's that for justification.

I'll let ya know what I do.

Man, it's good to be blogging again.

AND, I'm hoping after Christmas to start blog-hopping again. And writing fulltime like I've said I'd do. The slump sucked - time to get on with it, right? Right.


Duke_of_Earle said...


A big WELCOME BACK! I'd been checking your site daily for a while, then every 2-3 days, then once a week. I figured you'd gotten published and had given up on blogging.

Sorry about your little squishy, but kids are resilient (as if you didn't know.

Good posts!


Silma said...

Good to hear your kid is better. Yay on the Christmas tree! I didn't put any this year 'coz I'm renovating the new house, so there's cement and sand all over the place. *lol* So how did the school parties go? Were you able to split yourself in half and attend them both? What happened with the cupcakes?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi John and thanks for the welcome back!!! It's good to be back - almost feel like my old self again. (No comments on that "old" part, please!)

Silma, the parties were good, but poor Cooper - I didn't get to see much of his. By the time we got there, most of it was over, and I couldn't get out of Sydney's fast enough to go back to spend more with Cooper. The cupcakes, please. STORE BOUGHT!

I suck.