Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bah Humbug - I heart Scrooge.

So here it is, all upon us in its tinsel glory and chocolate-fills fits of hysteria - CHRISTMAS TIME.

Like a moron, I made the mistake of going to Target today, a mere 5 days til Christmas. The parking was wicked, even with handicap plates - because they were ALL FILLED. And it was the middle of the day - what happened to people, oh, I don't know - WORKING?! It should not have been that busy. No excuses are acceptable either.

So, anyway, why was I at Target, you ask? To get a t-shirt that reads: I MAKE STUFF UP. Given the latest slew of shyt that some ugly, melting petty jealous ...*cough* woman... has been saying about me, I *almost* didn't get it. But that would be giving her way too much power of me, and she's way too freakin' ugly (both inside and out) to do that, right? Right. Anyway, I heard about it on the chick-lit loop and had to have it. And yeah, baby, I GOT IT! And I didn't get beaten or bloodied while in the store either.

So here I am, in my cute, rockin' new t-shirt, and I'm printing off a gazillion labels for Christmas cards. This is, by far, THE latest I've ever sent them out. I got all the names printed from the message board (about 35 total) and then I went to get my address book to print off the family ones. Cept, yanno, I can't find the freakin' address book!!!! I have to mail them tomorrow to get them out on time. Gah - writer's procrastination bit me in the ass with freakin' CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!!

If you were my address book, where would you be?


Duke_of_Earle said...

If I were MY address book, I'd be safely housed in Microsoft Outlook. Your address book, however, probably likes to live a bit on the wild side (like its owner?), so there's no TELLING wher it might be.

Good luck!


Edie said...

I lose everything, so I'm not the person to ask. Good going on the T-shirt. I read about it on the loop too, but my shopping gene is worn out. I don't want to go to another store.

Mark said...

I hope you have a lovely, quiet and peaceful Christmas (note the irony!)

Take care