Thursday, December 29, 2005


Well, first let me say that the name of this gives me pause: According to the packaging *cough- pardon the pun that I surely didn't intend* but... Chocolate with MOXIE? In my brain, "moxie" makes me think "balls", so now I'm thinking chocolate-covered testicles. Although not an overall unpleasant thought, still not something that renders me drooling. Unless shaved, you'd have bits and pieces of little hairs pokin' out and then the "crust" that forms as chocolate dries and cracks and holy ball sac, Batman, the visual is endless.


My dear, DEAR friend eliana sent us some Choxie for Christmas. The SPICE NUT TOFFEE is to DIE for.

So, if thinking of chocolate-covered testicles is the punishment I have to endure for the savory sensation of spice nut toffee dancing across my taste-buds and awaking me with little bits of oral orgasms pinging off my teeth with each crunch, well... okay!


pugman35 said...


Ma chère Mlle chocolat,

While I found it hard to sit still while reading your Choxie blog, and while I know I MAY not top your visual, I do have a somewhat similar one!

First, as you know, Our Hero, Stephen King is particulary good at creating sexually graphic visuals. (Check pages 150-155 in "Gerald's Game" for a very explicit and somewhat disturbing passage, among others.)

But, I think those of us who REALLY like Stephen King do so because he DARES to put on paper what's in our minds. Male or female, he seems to nail the soft/hard tactile eroticism of a moment. I've never seen him pull a punch.

If you can admit he read your mind, you won't have time to be shocked.

Bren, I think one of the reasons we all appreciate your blogs so much is that you also are willing to Spill All, for effect or release. "Wow, she feels the same way I do!" repeats over and over when I read your work.

You don't have to be funny to get my full attention. So, keep on surprising and delighting me.

But, I've teased you enough!

When I was 14, one day I suddenly realized that Nabisco "Mallomars" were no longer just soft, sweet, chocolate-covered treats with a little pointy top!

"Hey! These look just like breasts!!"

I leave it to your imagination the way I thereafter and forever thought of and, ahem, handled "Mallomars."

Shown here:

Time for a snack!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hee! I was cracking up reading this. Now I know what to get you for Christmas next year. (cheeky grin)

I love Gerald's Game. But I must admit, I don't know the page numbers by scene. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Uh ... OK ... chocolate covered testicles ... marshmallow breasts ... there's absolutely no doubt I've led a sheltered life.

But Santa brought me a new cell phone.

pugman35 said...

I'm not sure it'll be the same, but you could TRY dipping your new phone in chocolate. You never know...

Anonymous said...

Moxie..hmmm i recall seeing a show on the old soda- Moxie. Some Moxie festival on food network, lol. Chocolate hairy balls? *shoves my dinner plate away* yep, that did it for me, lol.


kaaau said...

Ok, now I will never go through Target and see that candy without your visuals popping up in my head.........

Anonymous said...

You really need to see the DVD, "Puppetry of the Penis."

For real.


Mark said...

Never came across that expression, but there is a good blog called Moxiegrrrl if you like your political comment sharp and biting. At least she's got balls!