Monday, December 12, 2005

Dude, where's your blog?

Umm, right here. And I'm back.

A mighty big thank you to Mr. Doyle. He knows why.

To those that emailed, thank you. I'm very appreciative of your support and concern. I had a lot of stuff going on here at home but I think it's all been straightened out now. At least, I hope so.

So it's now less than two weeks til Christmas. I don't even have my tree up. I did finish my shopping earlier this year than before, then realized I hadn't gotten three gifts I needed. But this is, hands down, the latest I've ever spent in getting the house decorated. We finally got the lights on the outside of the house today and rearranged the living room and deep cleaned it, so that was good. Now I'm staring at the new arrangement wondering where to put the freakin' tree.

Ho freakin' ho ho.

No, I did NOT call you a freakin' ho just now - I have someone else I'd call that, not you. So no worries.

Anyway, in addition to re-activating my poor neglected blog, we've opened up the forums on the website. I hope you register and come and meet us. There's only a few really active ones right now, but we're building and literally everyday someone new comes along. Mostly women, but we do have a few guys in there, including the Infamous D. Check it out if ya get the hankerin'.

I need to go and spread some holiday cheer - with my bat.

I look forward to reconnecting with you all again soon. And yes, I've started writing again. Woot!


Christine Keach said...

Well, it's about damn time, chickie!! Good to see you back and you sound so much better than you did last time I e-mailed you.

ZaZa said...

"I need to go and spread some holiday cheer - with my bat. I look forward to reconnecting with you all again soon."

Uh, that sounds rather threatening. \;+)

Welcome back!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Yikes! Sorry, Zaza! I edited it and made it sound not quite so scary - amazing how the placement of a new line changes it, eh?

Thanks, Chris - I'm feeling better. Hectic, but better.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for posting the picture yet again. You'll have to forgive me in advance for removing it *yet again* for two reasons:

1) I've lost about 25 lbs since that photo was taken and I personally hate it, and

2) Most importantly, it contains others in it with me, and I'm a stickler for not putting people's photos on the Internet without their exacting permission. I'm sure you understand.

Btw, I can see IPs. Cool eh? Is it chilly in Dallas? I'll be up there this weekend - need to know how to pack and all.

Have a good day! And remember: Orgasm is the cure for a frigid bitch.

Anonymous said...