Friday, June 16, 2006

According to Cosmo

Men equate saying "I love you" with having sex.

Does this mean everytime they're plugging it in, they LOVE that person? I mean, they may be GRATEFUL, which they dang well should, but I don't think this would be LOVE. I mean, I'm a GURL and even I don't equate it 99% of the time, so I can't fathom how a guy can.

If they mean "in a relationship" he shows his "love" through sex and thus equates it that way, that's crap. Grow a spine, open your mouth and SAY it.

Of course, being that I write romance, this could particular irk me. As writers, we work really hard to have ANYTHING, from words to actions, reflect the movement in a relationship. To that point, yes, often times if you do choose to have a sex scene, and since it does need to have relevence in the book, it can mean that, but I refuse to acknowledge that because then Cosmo is at least partially right.

Then again, I write heros with spines. That's one of the things that makes him a hero, after all.


Shandie said...

Great insight, Madre. But hey, if he's in a long-term relationship, then maybe Cosmo's right. But I don't know cause I'm like, eight years old. Now look at my page, yo.


PS. You spell girl like a loser does.

Duke_of_Earle said...

...And you believe what you read in Cosmo...WHY, exactly?


Brenda Bradshaw said...

Shan, you can be grounded for calling me a loser. I spell it the way I want it to read. Deal. Yo.

John, of course not. Just merely passing on retarded information they had which I happen to disagree with.

Kat said...

If "love" means "2 minute sexual encounters in the middle of the night," then I'm one lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

Guys aren't pre-programmed to know the shape of love when we see it.

We spend a lot of time saying, "Is this it? This must be it. YES! This is... Oh wait. No, must have been infatuation. Gone now."

I was 35 before I ever had any inkling that true love was not a total hoax perpetuated by the Hallmark company.

When it hits a guy, it's like lightning. It clarifys everything. It divides us into "before" and "after."

Not every guy gets lucky enough to be hit by lightening, though.

I am that lucky. I am the fourth prince of Serendip.

James Goodman said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to disagree with that article. I've sexed several people I didn't love and loved several people I didn't sex.

Dorothy said...

LOL, I think Cosmo is way off base on that one!