Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Insert evil laugh here.

Hold on - I think Sydney's throwing a party. I still think she could take Damien down in a heartbeat and have that boy begging for mercy.

So how fitting is this little thingy I found today for today's date?? I hobble into the gas station for more medication. (I'm on Day Seven of what appears to be the flu - or virus from hell, not sure which). I'm standing at the check-out. They always have these little keychains and a lot of times I like them. I bought one once because it said, "I'm out of bed. What more do you want?" (Those that know me know I'm a sleeper, dreamer, napper kind of woman.) So I'm fingering through them, nothing too funny, and my finger brushes against something soft.

And furry.

My eyebrows raise. My interest, in a fog of fever, is piqued.

Oh look. It's a cute little rabbit's foot keychain. Nice and normal. We've all owned one.

BUT WAIT! These have been MADE TO LOOK LIKE THE RABBITS AGAIN! One looked suspiciously like a cat. Little ears, little tails, little red beady freakin' eyes. Out of honest-to-God rabbit fur. Holy crap, this is a scary freakin' little town!

So I'm commenting on the demonic virtues of these to the cashier.

Me: That's messed up.

Him: Squeek.

Me: Pardon? (again with the raised brows)

Him: Squeek.

Me: blank face like :|

Him: *eye roll* THEY SQUEEK!

Uhhh. So of course, what do I do? I reach and squeeze the little real-rabbit-fur-dressed-up-to-look-like-mini-rabbit-with-beady-red-eyes-from-Hell and SQUEEK! It sounded like I imagine it would as a dog gnawed on it.

I paid and left. I'm almost convinced now that it was a fever-induced hallucination. I'm mostly afraid it's not. And if they're still there when I go back, I'm buying one just to take a pic to show you guys how truly scary it is.

UPDATE!!! B just walked up to me while I sat here at my desk and I heard the ever-familiar demonic SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK. He bought one!!!!


Duke_of_Earle said...

Uhhh... Brenda? A better idea might be to just go back to bed. I think we believe you without the pic.

(But speaking of pics, I've been meaning to tell you: That picture of you on the blog is much more attractive than the old one. Really. I like it.)


Elisabeth Naughton said...

OMG. That is so freakin' funny!

Rhonda said...

So where's the pic?

Teresa said...

That's weird - and I'm talking about the fact that B bought one after you were so mesmerized by it! ~~~shudder~~~

I have to see a picture of this thing!

Anonymous said...


Will you please give us an update on your health matters?

Did you end up seeing a doctor?