Friday, May 12, 2006

Summer Preview from Hell

Yoe Day.

In Cameron, Texas, this is an official school holiday. It's true. I didn't make this up. To begin with, why WOULD I? The district has designated students from the schools go and put flowers at the grave of Mr. Yoe.

Yeah, well, I can't think of anything else to say about this. So we'll move on.

So Thursday was the Ever Delightful and Yet Oh So Odd Yoe School Holiday - no school. Today they didn't have school either - why? An unused weather day. This would make sense except that the kids had to go to school on Good Friday to make UP for a weather day. Huh. That's logical.

Now, take four kids home for a super-long weekend, and toss in a new puppy. Yes, a new puppy. This lady at Walmart was holding up a sign which read "FREE UGLY PUPPIES". How can you NOT stop and see in the box, yanno? So I did. And because it was Yoe Day, I had all four kids with me.

Can you see where this is going?

They weren't ugly - well, maybe a couple were a bit ... different looking. Weird. Odd. Yeah, okay, some where ugly. They're 1/2 black lab and 1/2 "some neighbor's ugly-ass dog". Oooooooh-kay. I picked up one, held him up face to face. He's all black except for this little white "soul patch" under his chin, and he had this look of "WTF, Mate?!" and I fell in love.

So I called B on the cell.


B: "What?!" he asked warily, knowing the tone meant trouble.

Me: Free ugly puppies!

B: NO!

Me: Please?

B: NOOOOOOOOOO!! We have enough animals.

Me: Yeah, yeah, you're right. I know you're right.

I hang up, and Cooper, holding one of the truly ugly ones looks up at the one I'm holding and says, "Samson would have a baby brother" - which sounds so way meltable cute from a four year old little boy who isn't quite understanding why his pleas of having his own baby brother will forever go unrealized.

I get out the cell.

B: NO!

Me: I haven't said anything yet!

B: What?

Me: Cooper says Samson would have a baby brother.

B: Cute, but no.

Me: Fine! (and I hang up.)

Now, my middle daughter, age 12, is just like me. Looks the most like me, people-person like me, runs at the mouth like me and drives me nuts on a regular basis in a way I'm sure I did my own parents on a regular basis. She's also twisting things to suit her own purpose as often as she can - like her father did. *blink*blink*

Carly: It could be your Mother's Day present since I know Dad didn't remember to get you one yet.

Shandie (ever so cynical 15 yr old): She's got ya there.

Me: ~evil grin~ Indeed.

We take it home. His name is Spencer, and compared to Samson, this puppy is TINY. And he's going to be THE fattest, useless thing ever to grace the planet because my younger three children refuse to put him down long enough to allow the dang dog to develop a single leg muscle.

Samson thinks Spencer is a chew toy.

The kids fight over who holds him, who feeds him, who takes him potty. Screaming, arguing, blah blah blah.

And only two weeks of school left until they're home ALL THE TIME. Thanks so much, Mr. Yoe, for giving me a glimpse of the summer to come - two weeks early.


daionara said...

Geez Brenda, you gave in to the children? Mmhhmm, blame it on them why dontcha. I always knew you were a soft touch.

Come soft touch John would ya? I reaaaaaaaaaally need a kitten.

wolfie said...

omg!! how cute!
I had to read it to Michael & Katy!

we were cracking up! Carly sounds like Katy!!!
can't wait for pictures!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFL. So what did B say when you came home with said puppy?

Your kids must be way more responsible than mine. I'm ready to get rid of the two dogs we already have because they can't be bothered to feed them. Oh, and the fish my daughter beeeegggged for for months that she looked at once. ONCE! I feed it. I clean the smelly fish bowl. I wait and wait and wait for him to croak. Sucker's holding on just to torment me, I swear.

Hey, saw on the PRO loop you're going to nationals. Way cool. We'll have to hook up for drinks one night. Would love to meet you in person.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Elisabeth, I'd love that! We'll definitely have to make plans to do that.

And no, they're not more responsible, but they're working on it. Just got in with the 12 yr old - we put the chickens away. So yeah, they're trying, but for the most part, it alllllllllll falls on me.

Christine Keach said...

What's this? After hemmin' & hawin', you're going to Nationals?? You and Elisabeth will have to have a drink for me since I won't be with you and I won't be able to meet her!

And about the puppy? You are a sucker!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

I know - pathetic, isn't it? But he's so CUTE!

Manic Mom said...

HEY! Where have YOU been?!?!? Not on chicklit yahoo anymore? Caught up with you over at Evil Editors! I posted anon over there. Hope you're well.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

LOL! Hey, leave it to Evil Editor to bring us back together! How the heck are you?!

Why do you post anon? I wouldn't have known it was you!

Val said...

The ugly dog was cute.. I can totally relate. I have 4. Just Tell me... Who is Yoe? AND WHY would the school be celebratin' his death? LMAO on that one!

Sarah L. Castleberry said...

lol - about the dog and Yoe! Great story!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I've "blog-met" several people from Texas tonight through EE! :) I'm currently in Houston - LOVE Austin and went to UT! My current story is set in Austin.

fringes said...

Followed you, a fellow Texan, from Evil Editor. Love your space. See you back at EE!