Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day, 2006

Normally, I'd have a lot to say ont his particular subject, given I have two mothers. Well, I have my Mom, and then I have the lady who birthed me. Thankfully I had the fabulous opportunity to meet her thanks to my ability to manipulate the chicks who work for the State of Texas, but alas, that's another story.

I called Mom and wished her a good Mother's Day.

I called my 96 yr old grandmother. She will forever be my ultimate heroine, considering she raised seven kids (six of which are boys!!). She asked about the kids, I said they were heathens and with only four compared to her forever-impressive seven, I had no idea how she'd done it without Xanax. She laughed and said, "It was a farm - I shoved 'em out the door and into the fields and made 'em pick their dinner or go hungry."

I love that woman.

To summarize my life as a mother, my almost 16 yr old captured it to perfection with a homemade card. It's sporting a rather beautiful painted flower, and then it reads as follows:

"If mothers were flowers, I'd smash you in a book."


Christine Keach said...

Poetic justice. :)

Brenda Bradshaw said...

You're a cruel woman, Chris. LOL!

Bethany said...


And the 16 year old? you better watch out, he might make millions in the Hallmark business. :-)

Val said...


Val said...

God Bless your Grandmother Brenda! MY grandmother lived 'til she was 92. She died 9 yrs ago. And there isn't a day that doesnt' go by that I don't think of her! She was my best friend! They don't make 'em like that anymore! Enjoy your grandma!!!!

boops said...

Well, at least she has a sense of humor (the grandmother and the 16 year old)!

Anonymous said...

Your almost 16 year old has potential as an author. -JTC

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi there, JTC. She used to have a blog linked here off of mine, and instead of a lot of teenagers commenting on it, she had Mom's blog readers going over there and reading hers. She's definitely talented. The blog was called "bang like whoa" because she was tasting a new drink and said, "Bang like whoa! There's a party on my tongue!"

She's very talented. Unfortunately, she struggles with her own mother's lack of confidence when it comes to this venue of creativity.

Thanks tons of the comment! Love to find out how you came across the blog! :)