Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Moo to You Too

There's nothing like going out to the sunroom and looking out into the backyard and seeing a yard full of freakin' cows.

Apparently B left the gate of the backyard open this morning after feeding the chickens. The cows liked this idea, and decided to come and roam the tiny backyard - as opposed to the huge 10 acre field they have right behind the yard. Yup, makes sense.

Cows are surprisingly paranoid animals. I think I heard one whisper, "Carnivore!" I walk outside and they freeze. The few of them back there aren't babies, but they're not full-grown either. More like teenage cows. Teens without parental supervision who look up at me with expressions screaming of, "Crap - we're so busted!"

So I walk out there, and they start to slowly step back. There wasn't a lot of room to back up though - small yard - so their collective roast rumps hit the fence and their heads swung back and forth, huge eyes looking at each other like, "Oh man, now what??"

I, on the other hand, have Samson - MIGHTY DOG! I get the lead, put him on it, and ZOOOM, off he goes, jerking me along with him, herding those stray cows right back out the gate.

The cows stop once they got in the field and gave me a look like, "Was that all really necessary??" Samson looked back like, "Heck yeah, wanna play again?" The cows slunk off to the back pasture, the adventure over.

I called B: Honey, leave the gate open this morning?

B: No, why?

Yeah - right.

Meanwhile, I stand there wondering why I've suddenly started to create imaginary conversations amongst my animals. Not a good sign.


Shari said...

Teenage cows - huh?

Another great tale from life on the farm!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this story the best out of your Blog.