Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chaos reigns. As usual.

So I actually went to do a blog update the other day. Typed out this incredibly long thing and hit PUBLISH. THEN I got a message saying blogger was doing maintenace. Figures.

So this past weekend was supposed to be the KOD Writing Retreat. Well, Rita - bitch that she was - decided to change those plans. There was this crazy paranoia in my town. I was at Walmart and thought maybe I should get some more oil for my lamps I have, some water maybe. I'm not one to really prepare for things (shocking revelation, isn't it?). Well, there was no lamp oil to be found. Or oil LAMPS. Or water. Or batteries. It was crazy. While there, they announce that they just received some water. This mad rush to the back of the store to get some fed into me, and I found myself in line. What they had were the cases of water where you get like 24 sport bottles. I got one (limit one per person, and of course, I was alone.) Then some people tried to STEAL it. It was soooooo unreal. So there I was, with one little case of water for the six of us. Well, seven, because Shari already booked her flight for this retreat, so she decided to come for a visit anyway (more on that in a bit), no batteries, no oil for my oil lamps. I did get gas - and that night, our town ran out of gas! It was really, really weird.

And then Rita changed course and we didn't get a DROP of rain. Figures. I'm so taking back that case of water.

As I mentioned, my fab fav buddy Shari came to visit. And I got sick.

Like... WAY sick. Unending breathing treatments, drugging myself with Xanax and Flexeril to force my chest muscle to relax and not spasm in an attempt to breathe. After two days of that - I finally got better. How fun for Shari, right? Needless to say, we watched a lot of movies.

I did get the revisions from her for the first two chapters of LIES, so that's good. I'm hoping tonight to revise Chapter 3. Once that's done, I can send it to those that requested it. And, the really fun part (at least I thought it was fun) were the character sketches we created one day. B was home from work that day, and omg ... not only is he not a reader, he's firmly established in our minds that he'll never be a writer either. However, his completely clueless comments provided a crapload of entertainment for the two of us. SCANDAL is really coming alive, and it's really looking good. On top of those two projects, I also reopened FORESHADOWED, and it's got great possibilities and I'm encouraged by the progress I've made, as little as said progress is at the moment.

I've set some goals, both long term and short term. Short term: Sell by Nationals. If not that, then at least have an agent shopping my stuff. Which means I gotta boogey bigtime. Long term goals: I want to write for more than one house, and I'm plotting and planning books specifically to target certain houses. I hope that little plan works. Even if it doesn't, it's a plan, right? Right. I love when you agree with me.

Other news? Hmm. Oh! Just found out today that Jayne Ann Krentz has a blog! It's really great, so check it out. And for those of you that posted on my thingy about your blogs being added to my blogroll, I'll have that updated soon. Promise. Also, if you have sites you like to visit, let me know! I'll be happy to add them, too. If you find them interesting, I bet we will, too.

Of course, a little reminder that my website is up. It's still got some work to go, and there are forums that are kind of neat. I'm not really active there yet, but hope to be soon. Don't forget to check out Romance Divas for new and cool stuff and just for support in this really odd profession.

And I'm really, really, really going to try my best to not only post here regularly, but also return to blog hopping. I miss that sooooooo much. So what's new with you guys? Update me!

I'm about to hit PUBLISH POST. I swear, if it messes up again, I'm going postal. My dad was a postman for 35 years. He trained me well. Redneck Texas Postal. That would NOT be pretty, I'm a'thinkin'.


kacey said...

Look! It posted :) Sorry about the Rita thing, and then getting sick on top of that. Bummer.

Isn't it weird about the run on gas in places and they are just OUT of it?? I hope the hurricane season hurries up and just gets over!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

LOL! Yes, IT has posted!!! SHE LIVES!!!

And the people were frightened...

Kelly said...

Yay - it posted! Sorry to hear you were sick, that sounded brutal.

I think the short/long term planning is a good idea. I do the same thing and it gives me focus and keeps me going. Plus I figure if I put the vibe out there, maybe the universe or the karma gods or whoever will pick up on it and help make it happen. I'll go with any good vibage I can get!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFL about the water, Brenda. Too funny. (I'm not even going to mention that here in Oregon, we don't have hurricanes or humidity or tornadoes or alligators or snow or earthquakes (well, rarely)). LOL
Glad to hear Rita passed you by unscathed - aside from the hellish Walmart experience, but really, aren't all Walmart experiences hellish????

And I think I may need to stop visiting both you and TJ. Every time I do, I seem to get hit with a nasty cold - which must come over the wireless internet lines, because I can't figure out where the heck I'm picking this friggin' cold up!!!

Goals? egad. Same as you. Sell before Nationals - or at least have a kick-ass agent shopping for me.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Note to self: Kelly likes vibrations. (grin)

Elisabeth (I keep wanting to spell it with a "z" like my daughter's name!) Yup, I think it's a doable goal, but mannnnnnnn, it's going to be a lot of work. Nice to find someone with a similar goal though! And I'm sorry TJ and I are making you ill! *snickers* Misery does love company though...