Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Temporary reassignment

For the next few weeks, my usual website is down and moved to a new location, a dot info instead of my usual dot net. This is because I received conflicting emails, saying my auto-renewal had posted, then another one saying it was due, blah blah blah, and when I finally called them today about it, lo and behold, those emails were for two different things. I'm sure if I was a bit geekier in my knowledge of All Things Computers, this wouldn't have gotten mixed up as it did. And, of course, being that I'm a huge loser, my website hasn't even been finished or updated since January. Okay, so I've had a few huge, life-altering things occur this year... sue me. No, don't really sue me. Humor.

Or, ya know, a pale attempt at it.

So... for those who may occasionally wander onto brendabradshaw.net, and can't find it, you now know to go to brendabradshaw.info.

In bigger and more exciting news today: SEASON PREMIER OF NCIS! WOOT!

That's all.

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Lexi said...

Welcome back!