Thursday, January 24, 2008

Click it! Click it GOOD!

At the top of this blog is a little tab that says NEXT BLOG. Click it. It's quite neat to see where all it takes you. Several years ago, this was how I found John who ended up designing my fabulous website, so you never know who all you may find that will influence your life later on.

I did this tonight for the first time in YEARS. The very first one had these great shots of her dog and really funny captions, and like a total twit, I didn't save the link to share it here. I did leave a comment for her, so maybe she'll visit here and you all can see her cute dog and her creative camera angles.

Anyway, try it. It's kinda neat.

On another note: I've updated my blog roll. I had people listed over there and I have no idea who they are. Sorry, but it's gone now. As you can see, the only one really there is EE, my personal editing god because he's the only one I read faithfully right now. I have a few personal friends I'm going to list (non-writing) here in the next day or so, but if you frequent this blog and want to be listed, just give me a hollar and I promise to add you.

On another note: I'm trying to be more creative, so one of the things I want to try is daily blogging on whatever comes to mind. Could be from the kids, the news, whatever. Hope you drop in more often if I do this. I miss my commentors!

On yet another note: I'll update Christmas tomorrow and how it all went down, and get you all caught up on what's happening in my world thus far in 2008. It's not so great right now with the Super Cooper Dude.

On a final note: I'm noted out... g'night.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Always good to see you lighted up in my RSS, Brenners.

Daily blogging? My heart couldn't take it.

Julie said...

Woah! I clicked the Next Blog button, and ended up somewhere in Scandinavia. I think. The text was in a language that might have been French, and the Artic Circle pretty much cut the map in half. That is not where the Arctic Circle belongs.

On another note: is something wrong with your website?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Yup. It went up for renewal in August and I got it paid, but it never came back up and I've been too lazy to contact GoDaddy about it.

Which Julie is this?