Monday, October 22, 2007

Idle Threats

So, I'm online with someone cracking me up... (kisses, RCM) and I threaten to post it on the blog. Shandie, the ever so insightful one, says, "You haven't posted since June. That's an idle threat."

Had to rectify that, huh?

I have a lot to catch up on for anyone who bothers to ever stop by here anymore, which I'm sure is few and far between, and totally my own fault. Life kind of took a huge turning point for me, and whereas some aspects calmed down, others vomitted into new life forms I've never had the misfortune of experiencing. I have Nationals to cover, kids to cover, back to school, and here we are coming up on Halloween and we have a post about last year's which, unfortunately, isn't very buried on the blog 'cause I blow chunks at blogging for the last year.

So, for now, I simply had to post to renew the very real threat of "You never know what or when Brenda will blog". I do promise upon pain of delicious torture that I'll do a proper update TOMORROW. Swear.


No, really. I do.

Pinky swear.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...


I just couldn't bring myself to delete you from RSS and now I am rewarded.

PICTURES! We want pictures!

(And pictures of Shandie too.)

Becky said...

Holy Crap!

Rhonda said...

Well it's now "tomorrow" and nothing ....

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hey! Day isn't over!