Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Satan, Please, and a Side of Minion.

Blog, Brenda, Blog! Ya know, you can always help out by sending me ideas and topics on what to blog about when you write to tell me to blog. *hint*

It's very strange to me that people don't use the comment section here as much as they used to and now send me emails instead. Not sure what's up with that, but...

Anyway, Satan.

If you're a reader of my blog for the last two years, you'll remember that I refer to Janet Evanovich as Satan. She tempts and teases and sucks hours of sleep away from you as she creates more of Trenton in your mind. I knew she had #13 of the Plum series coming out this summer, but what I did NOT know was that there's another book, PLUM LOVIN' ("A Stephanie Plum Between-the-Numbers Novel") already out there. I almost cried in pure joy when I saw it at the store, and then did a small little dance because my hands were not only holding a new Evanovich, but because it's a first edition too. I read it, in one night, of course, and it's great. It has Deisel in it again, and if you recall how I felt about her Sugarplum Christmas novel (go midget elf attacks!), it's kind of the same thing. These odd supernatural powers that aren't really explained. Whereas Stephanie, Ranger and Joe could be real (and especially Grandma!), when these novels toss in this supernatural stuff, it simply takes out an element of reality for me. Still though - I loved it, and this time, I was better prepared for the supernatural stuff anyway, since we'd met Deisel before.

In other news, after quite awhile away from all things writing, I've re-entered the world of Evil Editor and Miss Snark. I even ponied-up a New Beginning of one of my novels to be posted on EE's. Yeah, I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, and they assured me the high fever was over, but with me taking such a drastic action on his blog, I have to doubt those doctors. Anyway, I love these two to bits, between their witty ways and learning something in the process. If you want to know about writing, read ON WRITING by King and be a faithful Snarkling and Minion, and you're set. Doesn't get much better than that.

EE could use some queries, I believe, so go and visit him and find out what being a minion is all about.




That works.


ORION said...

Brenda I really liked your comment about conferences at Miss Snarks. I totally agree with you. I learned so much and the opportunity to network was priceless. I sincerely believe it's what got me an agent and my novel sold.
Too fun to read your posts. I lurk a lot as I don't have the time to comment on ALL the great blogs I drop in on!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi there, Orion - I hope you come by more often (assuming I blog more often, right? Ugh).

Networking is the key to this world, I think, second only to a good story.

Dwight The Troubled Teen said...


That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Heck, I haven't had a darned thing to say in the last six months, but that didn't stop me from posting.

(It should have, but it hasn't yet. I'm still holding out for an Oprah intervention.)

Lexi said...

Are you saying you haven't had ANYTHING to say since January 3rd? I love you dearly, but I find that VERY hard to believe. No excuses. If you have a blog, you must update more than once a month. Slacker. :)~

Wonderwood said...

Hi Brenda! Thought I would drop by and check out your blog since you were kind enough to drop by mine. Someone needs to tell EE to get off his ass and post your opening! I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again for your helpful comments. Peace.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hey Dwight? Lexi? :P~~

Hi there, WW! Thanks for dropping in. I just sent them to him last week and now he has to wait for someone to send in continuations, etc. Of course, by the time I sent in two, he now has a ton up before mine, so who knows when it'll be. I'm definitely not the one who'll be proddin' on EE's ass to get him to move faster on them - the idea makes me want to vomit. My nerves are SHOT.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Hey, B.B.! (Alias: the Eviscerator!)

Glad to see a post. I keep dropping by but finding nothing new, I just whiz on past.

I too am a Snarkling and a minion. For a while I was a bull-let on the Crabby Cows site, but they dropped that one.

Did you post a chapter in the Gather contest? I did. Fun? Well, maybe. Got some pretty nice comments, so that was gratifying.

I'll be back. Post when you can.


Rachel Drumm said...

You should write about me, Ms. B.
You are a dear friend of mine
and I'm sure you have
nothing but praises
to sing

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Ya know, Shandie... err... Rachel... it's frightening how much of your mother's creativeness and your father's pathological ... err... exaggerations... you inherited between the two of us. You should implode from it all.

Rachel Drumm said...

Just might.
Now get me some traffic, yo.

Lexi said...

Um, okay. It's March. Start planning your monthly post. How about something to do with spring break? Or your kids' spring break? Or what you're pretending to work on? Or St. Patrick's Day? Or...

Brenda Bradshaw said...

PRETENDING to write?! You read what I'm working on! Although the first part has to be ditched because I had to change the premise, which changes the beginning. Ugh. Damn that MOTIVATION part of GMC anyway.

Lexi said...

Yeah, I read what you were working on, but let's face it. You're still slacking. :)~

Lexi said...

Oh, and the link you have to my blog doesn't work anymore since I changed names.

ORION said...

Hey where are you?
I been coming by!