Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sympathies to Evil Editor

Many of you here in the writing world know Evil Editor: the anonymous editor out there blogging - everyone aching to know his identity and yet more than satisfied in simply having him out here, even though we don't know his name or his face. He thrills us, teaches us, entertains us, and makes us have hope instead of angst at the two words: "query letter". He's our own real life hero. I happen to adore him and proudly claim myself as one of his minions.

His mother passed away on New Year's Day. As another minion said on EE's blog, what an amazing woman she must have been to raise such a strong and stunningly intelligent man. I whole-heartedly agree.

We mourn with you, EE. You're in our thoughts and prayers.


Evil Editor said...

You are too kind. Thus I'll allow you to remain my minion, even though there doesn't seem to be a link to EE among the thousands of links on your blog, and even though you haven't listed Novel Deviations as one of your favorite books (and no, I don't care if you haven't read it, you've read almost everything in it).

Brenda Bradshaw said...

HEE! EE!!! I can't believe you're on my blog. It's like having Deity descend.

I know, I need to do a LOT of work on my blog. I don't even know who most of those are on the list over there. I gotta change the template all up and update it to list ones I actually read (although for the last several months, I hadn't been reading ANY. Bad me.) I promise to list you at the TOP of the pile. PROMISE.

And I'll totally plug the book. I have to get caught up with what all is going on. Is it out for purchase now?

First last night, I find that Miss Snark mentioned me by name on her blog and I thought I'd crap myself, then tonight, a visit from EE himself. I'll have to buy stock in Depends.