Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skirts Refashioned

So in between getting ready for the craft fair, the girls have wanted a little somethingsomething of their own. Actually, my youngest daughter did. So I started with her:

This is a basic $5 skort. So boring.

This is after we added $5 of fabric to it (she wasn't home when it was finished, thus no model):

Then my older two daughters wanted their own. Nothing says YES! quite like having your 16 and 20 year old daughters asking for something homemade. Although Daughter #1 did hers in pinks, as 10 year olds are prone to do, Daughter #2 wanted tans and blacks:

The 20 year old wanted a "rockabilly" feel to hers (although she's borrowed the tan and black one from her sister a few times already). I love the Elvis aqua print in the middle!

So 3 skirts, all unique to each girl, and each only costing a total of $10 each and an afternoon of sewing.

Pretty neat!

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Tea Rose Home said...

How fun! I like the fabrics you combined together. Great job!

Mindy said...

Very cute! Love the idea and the outcome.

Momma said...

LOVE it! Great I want one...but maybe not so cute on an almost 30 year old.

Carol said...

Very, very cute. You are so talented. ~ Carol

Beki @ The Good Girl said...

Brenda! Those are adorable! One day I'm gonna have the legs again to pull off a look like that.

Bona Fide Betty said...

Very cool. You are really talented. I love the skirts and want one with polka dots and black lace, like Madonna would have worn in the 80's... :)

The Redhead Blogette said...

Dude...I'm 26 and want to rock one of those. Super cute!