Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Five

I know, it's been awhile. Bad, bad Brenda. But now I'm back, and today's Friday Five are

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

1) Okay, I know I'm SEVERAL years behind here, but I just started watching Sex in the City on DVD (the series) starting with the first year. This week has been SO funny watching these. Gotta love me some Netflix to bring me all the series tv shows I've missed over the years, eh?

2) My hibiscus in the front flowerbed now has HUGE hot pink flowers on it. They're simply gorgeous.

3) Over at my favorite blog, Lucy March, all the Betties, as we like to call ourselves, are putting up their personal blogs so our Bettiness can grow and expand. Watch here for a Betty Blog Section to be built soon. Swear.

4) Finishing a certain book last night, which I won't name, but it was painful to get through. It wasn't quite bad enough for me to give up on all together, but it so hard to muster through it. Finally I finished it last night. Usually with a book, I'm sad when it's over and often times read it again in the near future, but this one? This ending brought relief. Just goes to show that not every New York Times Bestseller should BE a NYT Best Seller.

5) Dad called yesterday to tell me that the children then grandchildren will be going to Granny's to divide up her stuff, so if I wanted anything, I needed to be up there Sunday afternoon. No, there's nothing I need. Several years ago, I received her coo-coo clock. Dad had actually bought it overseas decades ago and gave it to Gran as a gift, and so it has double special meaning to me -- Dad picked it out and Granny owned it forever. I already have that, and I'm glad it's here safe and sound. I still need to hang it up. I didn't hang it up for years and years because Sydney and Cooper were little and I didn't want to fight over them messing with the parts that hang low, but now they're older so it'll be okay. And a coo-coo clock? Are you kidding me?!

It'll fit right in.


It's a Meow World said...

Yay for the Betty blogs! It's great reading everyone's blogs :)

I get a little case of the "finished book blues", too. Especially when I really loved reading it. Must say that I'm totally curious about the book you're talking about now! Any hints?


Brenda said...

Hey Cat -- welcome over to my blog! I love the Betty Blogs but unfortunately I've been so busy with Girl Scouts the last couple of weeks that I haven't had time to really enjoy them all but I love the concept!

And there's no way I can publicly post whose book I didn't like! That'd be Novelist PR Suicide!

lora96 said...

I LOVE me some SATC. Enjoy! I warn you, around season three you'll want to smack the crap out of carrie...:)

It's a Meow World said...

I know that! That's why I said "a hint". ;)

Brenda said...

LOL Cat -- there's the word "tongue" in the title.