Friday, January 16, 2009

A World Away

Today I made the comment that I wanted to run away... if just for a little while. One great friend mentioned Tennessee, but she has a hidden agenda (we haven't seen each other since we were little kids!). Another simply asked me where I wanted to go, and ya know, I had no answer.

As writers, we're always creating worlds, this being especially true for paranormal/sci-fi writers since they have to create vastly different worlds with different rules and everything.

But all writers do it. The location, sometimes a city even... or just a job, an apartment or house. Decorate it. Live in it. BE in it to have it come to life on paper. And then the cast of thousands. All in this new world created in one's imagination.

But where is your world? That personal, just-for-you place? If you were creating a place for a fictional you, where would your story take place that isn't the reality you currently live in? A mountain top with snow-capped ridges, filled with the scent of cold and purity that only snow can create, mingled with the heavy scent of the pine trees. The air so frigid you're afraid of freezing from the inside out, but you have to inhale deeply anyway, a visceral need to swallow the cleanliness of it into yourself. The crunch under your feet with each step you take. The whispers of whomever is with you, who knows that only softly spoken words fit in this particular environment. The smoke rising from the chimney of a cabin, the fire inside beckoning you into its comforting warmth.

Or do you prefer a beach? The salty, briny air you can smell and you can taste on the tip of your tongue. The gentle breezes lifting your hair from your face as you watch the firey sunset meeting with the endless blues as it darkens. The individual grains of sand sifting through your toes, the water lapping up to greet you a little at a time as the tide comes in to say hello, depositing small gifts of shells and pebbles for your pleasure of exploring. A bonfire at night, the crackling wood, the colors of the flame as it licks the salted wood, the warmth of a blanket and the person you want with you to keep the chill away.

Where's your world?
What do you create?
Where would you run?

As for me, I'm not really sure, but I'm definitely going to think about it and create it, not to be shared in a book someday, but to be treasured by just me for those moments when I crave the escape. And I'll know it'll be there, waiting to greet me.


pjd said...

For me, that world changes depending on my mood. But most often it includes a forest, altitude, mountain peaks, and a body of water--either a lively brook or a mountain lake. Followed by a cheerful fire and some thick, soft pillows on a hardwood floor. Alone or not, it rarely matters. Sometimes it's tea, sometimes cocoa, sometimes bourbon, sometimes cabernet.

Did you got to Tennessee?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

No, I didn't go to go anywhere... of course. (sigh)

KellyKline said...

I have no hidden agenda. I mean, I have an agenda, but it's not hidden. :) Yes, I would LOVE to see you!

My world includes many different places and a private jet to take me to them. Some of those places with the kids, and some for just me and my lover. But never too far from friends, for they are the family you choose.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Well said, Kel! They are the ones we choose and I'm glad you're amongst them!