Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Black Friday - 2008

This year was incredibly anti-climatic after the Cat Fight Christmas of last year. Mom and I went out at 3:30am again and waited in line, but we were inside Walmart, so it wasn't bad at all since we were inside this time. I left Mom to gather up two of a certain item while I went and waited for another item. While waiting, I wandered the store, talking to managers and finding out where items where that they had wrapped up in black plastic so we couldn't "peek". It was kind of dumb, especially when you just ask and they told ya anyway.

I got everything I went after, so that was good.

Seriously, it was a boring day, aside from the cramming of items into the van and wondering where we'd go next. I'd kinda hoped for another story like I had last year, but alas, none to be had.

The weekend was a whirlwind though. We arrived in Ft. Worth on Wednesday night. Thursday morning was cooking and baking and then to my aunt's for lunch. Thursday night, the girls and my cousin and her daughter and I went to the movies to see Twilight. I'd never gone to the movies on Thanksgiving night, but it was pretty neat. I'll post about Twilight later because I actually have things to say about that. Then Friday morning, Mom and I got up at the crack-ass of dawn and did the shopping thing until 4:30pm then went back to her house and died a little... I mean... recovered. Saturday morning was more shopping, I got a haircut, then Saturday night we had a mini-class reunion for some of us in the area, so I got the fabulous opportunity to reconnect with people from high school, including my partner in crime, Margaret -- who looks GORGEOUS -- as well as Danny, who took me to my senior prom 20+ years ago. He still looks gorgeous too. I love surrounding myself with gorgeous people. If I could get my laptop to acknowledge my photo card, I'd post pictures, but alas. The beautiful chick up there in the photo is Margaret with me, taken with her camera because HER card/laptop still work!

Then Sunday morning, it was up for church, then lunch, then the horrible drive home. Our 2 hour drive took 5 hours with traffic down the parking lot known as I-35. Then I had to go further to take Shandie back to San Marcos, so I ended up back here at 12:30am Monday morning.

So although there was nothing exceedingly dramatic over the long holiday weekend, it still left me exhausted! And this could be, hands down, the most boring blog post I've EVER written.

I promise to do something way more exciting in the very near future. Well, as exciting as I ever get.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and fun and the making of fabulous new memories.


pjd said...

I really did read to the end. I figured, black Friday, wal*mart... there has to be a trampling or a shooting or something in here somewhere.

Happy Tday, belated.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

I told you it was boring!

George said...

Not boring at all, hey I need a driver,,,,,,,,see you end up watching the movie after all,,,hey lets make plans for next week, I have tons on work to get done this week.. besos

Jorge said...

you look great in that pic..

Mo said...

Great pic, Bren! Happy Holidays to you and yours.