Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Say It Isn't So!

Argh. I am not old enough to be dealing with things like... oh, I don't know: PROM! CLASS RINGS!!! What happened? Did I find a vortex and get sucked into a time-altering reality? Yes, that must be it. Has to be.

My oldest daughter is 15, in 10th grade. She was asked to prom by a senior.


And, add small town life. Ready for this?? I go to the florist today to get the boutinerre for the dude. Me: I need a boutinerre.

Old lady: For who?

Me: ~BLINK~ Uhh... for my daughter's date to the prom. White.

Old lady: Rose okay?

Me: Sure.

Old lady: What's your daughter's name?

I tell her my daughter's name.

Old lady: OH! She's going with that tall boy... Andy something.

Me: ~BLINK~ (Insert about 10 seconds of silence here. To really appreciate that, count to 10 slowly and realize what kind of lapse in conversation that is!) Uhh, yes, Andy.

Old lady: He was in here this morning order her flowers! He got white roses with silver ribbon.

Me: Oh! Good! So they can match then.

She shows me out the back door (I had to park in the back - the parking up front is weird) and waves the ticket to a lady making arrangements. "We have Andy's boutinerre order so we can make them match now!"

Me: Still speechless. Small town, I'm a'tellin' ya.

THEN, my daughter comes home today and what does she have? The freakin' order forms to get her senior ring. I swear, it didn't seem that long ago when I was in prom dresses and getting MY senior ring. What the heck happened?!?!



Duke_of_Earle said...

Small town, for sure! Reminds me of where I live (Victoria), except we're not THAT small. As for "Where did the time go?"... Cherish these years. All too soon they'll be memories too, just like your own prom and class ring. Take it from one who knows from experience.


Christine Keach said...

Life comes at you fast.

Kat said...

You were (almost) speechless for once! Bwahahahaha!

The senior ring is such a joke...I *needed* one when I was in high school - a pretty one, an expensive one, one I would keep forever and ever. (And, one I had to buy myself.) Not quite a year after graduation I threw that ugly monster into the Mohawk River. It was simply embarassing to keep that thing on my finger.

Robin said...

I hear you!
Small town life is scary sometimes, everyone knows everything about everybody......and if they don't they'll find out!
Seems like yesterday Jess was going to the Prom and getting her class ring...which she has not worn since 10th grade.
Cherish this is so exciting and goes too fast.
And take lots of pics!

Rhonda said...

Well now I'm feeling bad ... I *still* wear my class ring - is that a bad thing?

Oh, and (((hugs))) to you Brenda!

Kat said...

Not if you went to a cool school! I definitely did not.

Val said...

LOL Brenda! I can totally relate. I am your age and my son is 14. Think of it this way..It's a GOOD thing that it wasn't long ago that we were their age, because we can remember EVERYTHING we did. At least, most of it. LOLOL. AND we know exactly what their up to!

I would love to hear the speech I'm sure you'll prepare for the innocent, senior boy, standing on your doorstep on prom night!

Andrea said...

I guess small towns are each unique in their own way because I grew up in one and it didn't really follow the cliche. I didn't know everyone who lived there and I doubt most of them knew me. Even though my privacy was kept intact, I'm still glad I don't live there anymore.

I think class rings are a little over rated. I've been out of high school only about 3 or 4 years; I haven't worn my ring since graduating and I spent $200 on it. As Kat said, it kind of loses its cool factor after high school.

Peggy said...

Update, dammit!

Brenda Bradshaw said...

HEY! Peggy yelled at me!