Monday, October 10, 2005

Today is the last day

that I get to be in my mid-thirties, according to my children. Tomorrow, I venture into my LATE thirties, at 36. (sigh) Happy freakin' birthday. Candles? Yeah, blow this.

So what have I been doing lately? Not a lot. Two weeks ago I had pneumonia, which was weird. I get it yearly, but usually not until November or January, so it hit me early this year. NOW I'm sick again, just two weeks later. Full blown fever, aches, chills, sore throat, blah blah blah. I think my immune system must be whacked or something - not sure. I think I may actually be making a doctor's appointment this time though.

What have I been up to? Well, I was working, believe it or not. I was rocking on revisions and got to Chapter Six where I decided that a scene I'd cut would be good to put back. Of course, I can't FIND that scene anywhere, so it looks like I'll have to totally recreate it. No biggie, really, but it definitely halted the momentum I was having at the time. In addition to that, I've started two more books, and I have resources lined up for research I need for one, so when the time comes, I'll be ready.

Bad news, kinda, I guess. I had started a rom-com like six months ago targeted for Blaze. I just started a Blaze last night that has a lot of the general principles behind it. Rah. Figures. I wonder if they'll be interested in mine or not, if they'll think, "Yeah, too close to what (insert author's name here) did." Guess we'll have to see, eh? It's not like mine's finished, but dang it... it still chaps my ass, and in a really bad way, too.

AND, I got character profiles done for one of my books. Sounds like nothing much, but we're talking a single title rom-com set in a small town. Profiles for like 30 characters. No small task. I think I may have mentioned that before on the blog, but not for sure. It's the fever.

AND (notice a trend yet?) I got a new chapter for a new book done, and a premise for yet another one (that's what? Eight WIPs? I'm so screwed in the head. Note to self: ask birth mother if she did bad drugs while pregnant.) One of the things I'm doing is creating folders for each project so if I come across something, or create something, I can put it in the folder. One of them I just came up with a catchy title, nothing more - but I created a folder for it anyway. Makes it more real or something. At least to me. But, as noted above, my brain ain't right anyway.

My critique partner, Chris Keach is entering some contests, and sent me the first six chapters of her book to line edit. I'm 1/2 way through that - hoping to finish tonight. I haven't worked on it in a couple of days because I've been too busy drooling in sleep through a fever. Bad me.

And on top of allllllllllllll of that, I'm still finishing up craft orders (afghans and ponchos - Martha Stewart poncho anyone?!). My poor little fingers, worked to the bone. I need a pacifier to shut up the whinin', huh? LOL

On the Hooter's T-shirt front, more news: B has TWO BLACK ONES as well as the white signed one. No, these two aren't signed, but on the back, they say, "More than a mouthful."

Yeah, I got a mouthful for him. And a shredder with HOOTERS written on it. I made a comment, and he said, "Wow, I've never know you to be so insecure."

Yeah, that's what it's about. My insecurities. Not his mentality and taste in clothing... noooooooooooo. Shoot me now.


JENNA said...

dh went to a bachlor party that started at Hooters and ended at a strip club. Not sure what went on, but he came to bed around three, tossed and turned, then said "Ugh. I can't sleep with me. I stink." and took a shower. LOL! He smelled like smoke and beer, but I wondered...

On the Blaze front, they've been known to have 'copycat' books. My CP found two that were the same premise...and the same hero name. One author did it MUCH better. Hey, how many - sex resort, sex therapist, sex shop books can they print without blurring the edges of didn't I just read that...finish it and find out if it's a go.

Did you enter the Blazing Summer contest?

Elisabeth Naughton said...

What is this? Some weird birthday twilight zone thing?? LOL...yesterday Chris's bday, today my DH's bday, tomorrow your bday...very strange.

And I will bless you with good news...36 is still mid-30's (the DH and I have had big arguments about this because he turned 37 today which HENCE is the beginning of late-30's (he's very grumpy about it, too). Here's how we break it down: 30-33 early-30's, 34-36 mid-30's, 37-39 late-30's. (See, you get an extra year in the early-30's this way. LOL) So what are you complaining about? You got another year, babe!!

And all those WIP's? head is spinning. I can only focus on one at a time. I have ideas going for about 4 more, but I don't dare work on them.

Hope you feel better. I will back away slowly now for fear of catching something from the net....

Steve said...

Happy Birthday

Ed Borasky said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ed Borasky said...

Hmmm ... trivia question ... what do jenna, elisabeth naughton and ed borasky have in common besides posting a comment on your blog?

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Jenna, that is just what I needed to hear! And, I figured IF they bought, WHEN I finish it, the soonest it would be released would be late next year (which is optimistic of me.) By that time, with the turn around of books per months for Blaze, times that many months, it's not like the two books are coming out right on top of one another. Hope has returned!!!

Elisabeth, I heart you.

Thanks, Steve :)

Ed, I have no idea, and frankly, I'm a bit scared to ask, but what?

Thank you all for your birthday wishes a day early *smoochas*

Ed Borasky said...

Brenda ... we all live in Oregon :)

Betcha thought it was something *weird*